How to manage remote employee performance

Our nonattendance board programming doesn’t simply record nonappearance, it additionally gives top to bottom reports and staff participation graphs, so you can recognize examples and find ways to lessen nonappearance levels. 

With highlights to transfer back-to-work archives and debilitated and fit notes, just as programmed estimations for wiped out pay, our HR Software gives exhaustive participation the board framework to assist you with arranging staffing levels.

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Core Features and Advantages of Our Absence Management Software

1. Programmed Bradford Factor figurings to hail examples of ailment nonattendance

2. Supervisors can record a re-visitation of work or representatives can by means of themselves help highlight

3. Back-to-work structures can be transferred by representatives to assist you with encouraging a re-visitation of work

4. Record and ascertain all legally binding and legal wiped out pay dates for finance

5. View all participation information together including occasions, ailment, and preparing

6. Chiefs can be assigned to unlucky deficiencies issues through live ailment nonappearance triggers

Grant winning cloud-based nonappearance programming that gives a positive effect on your association in only 3 months. 

A striking case, however normally, our customers, see an improvement in staff prosperity, profitability, and commitment close by a 93% decrease in managerial time, while setting aside to considerable amount per representative, each year.

Representatives will recollect you for being the business that minded during their minutes that matter. 

They will get a simple to-utilize, an online framework that permits them to book unlucky deficiencies in under 6 seconds, they’ll gain admittance to virtual GP arrangements from any gadget, anyplace on the planet with a web association and they can depend on precise wiped out pay

The Executives

Dispose of manual and blunder inclined cycles and tackle worldwide intricacy easily via mechanizing your nonappearance on the board to drastically lessen your administrator trouble.


Give a smoother client experience to your kin and help them work more brilliant, more joyful, and better, incorporating supporting them with medical care help programs.


Adopt a more intelligent strategy to yearly leave with constant cautions and more precise detailing. Saddle information and bits of knowledge to improve maintenance, diminish nonattendance, and improve efficiency.

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