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Accounting activities take some quality effort and it kills the time for your business. However, you can’t ignore maintaining accounts as it’s obvious for keeping track of your financial activities, analyzing the status, etc. We, as a professional accounting service firm in Bangladesh, take all your hassles of maintaining accounts and help you focus on other business priorities.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Accounting Services That Tailored To Meet Your Needs

The board of Accounting Services since the earliest reference point is a critical advance for any organization. To help this, bookkeeping firms have been set into place, which offers various administrations to keep entrepreneurs monetarily coordinated. The job of bookkeeping firms has gone from keeping up and checking books to giving total monetary counsel, similar to an accomplice.

Our group of specialists distinguishes your remarkable business needs and adjusts appropriately to offer excellent assistance quality.

Top notch Accounting Service Firm in Bangladesh

We Ensure 6 Unique Services Under Our Successful Accounting Services

01. Bank Account

OutsourcingBD maintains a fantastic connection and long-term relationships with top banks in Bangladesh; due to this year of experience and professionalism, we have made the process of opening a bank account for foreign entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

02. Statutory Audit

Quality audit is crucial to learn the financial dynamics of a business. This can be done by adopting a knowledgeable and insightful approach. As a team of statutory audit experts, we provide audit services to companies operating in varied industries.

03. Due Diligence

OutsourcingBD helps foreign investors to do business in Bangladesh. They provide an overview of key developments and legal systems that can facilitate doing business and pave their way towards success in Bangladesh business industry. 

04. Bookkeeping Service

For anyone who considers the purchase of a business, we offer no charge consultations and an excellent inventory of businesses for sale complete all information.

05. Risk Management

We are a team of operational risk management (ORM) experts. As the leader in the industry, we provide top-grade operational risk management service in Bangladesh. 

06. Tax Equalization

Bangladesh implements a tax equalization policy for foreign employees working in this country by counting taxes for both native and abroad nation’s taxations. 

Our Accounting Services Provides Support, Objectivity & Expertise To Succeed Within The Context

Bookkeeping administrations in Bangladesh has consistently been a huge instrument for business to work. Since the early periods of human civilization, bookkeeping administrations have been utilized in different organizations and phases of society. Bookkeeping administrations In the present day ages, the field of bookkeeping administrations in Bangladesh gave by ( Consulting International as a noticeable and prestigious bookkeeping firm in Bangladesh, goes from basic count books found in little staple shops to immense multinationals and so forth.

Colossal improvement and execution of IT information give this area an edge in present day times. We as a bookkeeping specialist organization in Bangladesh, with qualified and experienced bookkeepers alongside our in-house IT group, have made a few bookkeeping virtual products and apparatuses to give bookkeeping and accounting services all the more effectively.

Aside from playing out all the essential accounting services arrangement assignments, our group of experts is altogether proficient in creating fiscal summaries in understanding to IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards) or GAAP(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) guidelines.

We comprehend the extraordinary requirements of your particular business thoughts and work wholeheartedly to furnish you with our top to bottom market information and our exceptional bits of knowledge from our work around the world.

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FAQs For Accounting Services

To outsource finance and accounting services to Outsourcing BD, give us a call or fill out the contact form with your requirements. You can send your files to Outsourcing BD whenever you’re satisfied with our costs and quality.

Our outsourced accounting staff uses QuickBooks Online and can set you up or convert you from another platform if it makes sense. They also discuss how to interface QuickBooks Online with a variety of POS systems and other ad hoc apps. To maintain a strong separation of duties, we use to pay our bills.

We are happy to have the greatest people on board at Outsourcing BD. Our finance and accounting services team is made up of talented and well-trained accountants, chartered accountants, and financial specialists that are familiar with the most up-to-date financial and accounting technologies. We also adhere to the IFRS and GAAP standards, as well as the US Patriot Act.

Our pricing is extremely low, allowing you to save up to 60% on your operational expenditures. Hourly rates often range from $8 to $15 per hour, based on a variety of criteria such as:

  1. Type and difficulty of the project
  2. The technology that was utilized
  3. Agents must have the necessary skills and expertise.
  4. The contract’s duration

For a precise quote, please contact our staff with your details.

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