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Bangladesh issues a number of types of visa to nationals of various countries. It allows people of all countries except those which are not recognized by the country. Getting a Bangladesh visa takes some efforts in documentation, application and other related activities. As a professional visa processing service provider firm, we help you with hassle-free visa processing services.

Visa Processing Information

Types of Bangladeshi Visa

Type of Visa Documents You Need
Visa for Govt. Representatives
Diplomatic/ Other Embassy Officials Visa
UN/ International Organizations Visa
Visa for Business Persons

1.  Get an invitation letter from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

2.  The company that is sending the person to Bangladesh, should issue a letter.

Visa Tourists 1.  Get an invitation letter from Bangladesh along with the inviter’s information.

2. Tentative flight itinerary should be added to the list of papers.

Visa for Investors 1  Appointment letter from Bangladesh

2. Get a recommendation letter from BEPZA/BOI

Visa for NGO Get a Letter from NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh.
Visa for Experts 1. Get a recommendation letter from BEPZA/BOI.

2. Get an invitation Letter from the Bangladeshi company.

Visa for Students 1.  Get a letter from the academic institute of Bangladesh.

2. Proof of bank solvency.

Research Visa

1. Get letters from both the organizations (Bangladesh and the country of origin of the applicant)

2. Letter from the Ministry in Bangladesh

Tablig Jamaat visa

1.  Get an invitation letter from central Markas of the country of origin of the candidate.  

2. Get another letter from Bangladesh Tablig Markas

Note: The requirements for journalists will be different, which is not mentioned here.

How to Get a Bangladesh Visa

Getting a Bangladesh visa can be a tedious job in terms of the application process and the required documents. From application form to covering letter, we assist you in preparing everything needed for the process.

Required Documents for Visa Processing:

Requried documents for visa processing

How We Support You for Bangladesh Visa Processing