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How to Get Easily Work Permit in Bangladesh

Getting a work permit in Bangladesh is quite a long process. Outsourcing.com.bd help you to get a Bangladeshi work permit in a smooth way. We make the whole application process simple with our years of expertise. Get in touch with us today and apply in the right way.
A. The hiring company will submit necessary documents to concerned authorities.
B. The candidate will submit required documents along with filled out forms.

 We Help To Ready Your Documents That Required: 

According to the authority, the hiring company and the employee need to submit the following documents in a prescribed way. 

Documents requried

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Permits

When issuing parking permits, the Outsourcing.com.bd considers the following factors:
1. Reservations for parking on A Street and Keller Street are currently on a waiting list.
2. You need this permit to park construction-related equipment or vehicles in timed parking zones. In downtown areas, timed zones restrict parking to certain days and hours of the day. Permits are issued for a maximum of thirty days at a time, after which they can be renewed.
3. Permits may be issued for residential parking in areas where permit only restrictions are in effect, or as determined by City Council.

All public property and right-of-way, such as streets and sidewalks, must be safe and accessible. Because of this, an encroachment permit is required whenever a property owner, service provider, business, or construction company needs to use part of the sidewalk, street, or other public right-of-way. Encroachment permits are needed for:
1. Placement of dumpsters, scaffolding, storage bins, or other structures on a sidewalk or in the street.
2. Restaurant furniture, awnings, and outdoor dining
3. Having your business install a bike rack
4. Building or repairing sidewalks or streets
5. Utility work underground
6. Trimming or removing trees
7. Transport of a wide load Find out more about encroachment permits and download the necessary forms here.

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Permits for minors are required for each job they hold. When a minor quits or leaves a job, their work permit expires. The application for each new job must be filled out separately.

A administrator can cancel and take away the work permit at any time. A work permit can also be revoked by a administration if there is a good reason for it.

Before starting a job, minors aged 12 through 17 must obtain a work permit. Minors under the age of 12 cannot receive a work permit except in the entertainment industry. Exceptions to these rules do exist. There is no work permit requirement for the following jobs:

1) certain agricultural industry jobs,

2) odd jobs in private homes such as gardening and babysitting,

3) newspaper delivery jobs,

4) casual work in a family-owned business, and

5) self-employment.

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