Bangladesh is currently one of the most attractive locations for international investment. Planning, conducting market research, and learning about the legal ramifications of company formation are all necessary before starting a company. 

You’ll respond to inquiries such as, “How do I discover a product to sell?” What is the best business model? What marketing channels work best?

Let’s explore the essential stages for starting a business, including developing a business plan, registering your firm, marketing your product or service, and more.

1. Select a business idea

An idea is where it all starts. You can start a variety of small businesses, including operations that can be carried out at home.

2. Study your market and product

To discover whether there is a market for your idea for a company or product, basic research is required.

3. Create an enterprise plan

You may handle important company incorporation components more clearly by using a business plan. Your executive summary and financials are also included.

4. Create or gather items

If your product is something handcrafted, you may decide where in your house to produce it. Finding a supplier partner is probably necessary if it is intended to be produced in a plant.

5. Create a brand

Building trust with consumers and the general public requires a strong brand.

6. Create a webpage

With the help of website builders like EicraSoft, it’s simple to develop a website that promotes your company to the globe.

7. File a company registration

You’ll need to formally register your firm in the majority of nations. Any questions should be clarified by contacting your local government department.

8. Manage your finances

To simplify your business operations, it’s essential to have control of your funds. To do this, you must do everything from select accounting software to create a company bank account.

9. Promote your company

A successful business launch depends on marketing. It is a method of putting goods in front of your intended market.

10. Expand your company

Consider taking actions to help your business grow once it is operating. A new business owner has a variety of options, such as selling in foreign markets or looking for additional funding.

Bangladesh’s Company Formation Requirements

The following list includes the legal requirements for company formation in Bangladesh:

  1. Acceptance of the RJSC
  2. Bangladeshi banking institution
  3. The local government’s issuance of a trade license
  4. Tax ID number and business identification number
  5. Rent a space for an office that isn’t a home
  6. Prepare the factory setup authorization blueprint and business plan
  7. An image of the export or import license
  8. For a factory or corporate office, a fire certificate
  9. Obtain BTCL approval for your telecommunications business after receiving the necessary approval from the appropriate authority.


1. What does it cost in Bangladesh to launch a business?

A starting capital of about BDT 318320 is needed to open a business in Bangladesh. The total cost is BDT 4125 (registration fees of BDT 2925 plus filing fees of BDT 1200).

2. Can a foreign-owned company in Bangladesh employ foreign workers?

Yes, you may employ foreign workers. One must get in touch with BIO to employ. To obtain clearance on the capacity to hire, the firm must present the bank with US $50,000. Other factors to take into account are the cost of labor, raw materials, and tax-free EPZs.

3. Which area in Bangladesh is ideal for business formation?

With the most traffic, Dhaka is the best place to launch a business in Bangladesh.

How Can OutsourcingBD Be Useful?

The process of establishing a business is governed by many regulations in Bangladesh. It’s critical to follow the steps in order to easily establish your new company in a foreign country, in addition to the paperwork and needs list.

It is therefore possible to work with an outside EOR & PEO like OutsourcingBD to ensure a smooth workflow when establishing a business in Bangladesh.

We make sure to adhere to legal requirements, keep track of employees, and effectively manage payrolls. With our assistance, you can worry-free establish your new company in the nation.