8 Purchasing Process Steps Of Procurement Outsourcing Services

Over the last 10 years, procurement outsourcing has grown significantly, with supplier development, contract negotiation, and specification administration becoming more common. Customers, according to procurement service providers, gain a variety of benefits from outsourcing these activities.

To increase their productivity and save time, 27% of organizations throughout the world outsource procurement specialists.


  1. The procedure of purchasing products or services is known as procurement strategy, and it is commonly used to refer to company spending.
  2. Based on the  requirement, procurement outsourcing costs can be divided into numerous categories.
  3. Most large-scale procurement bpo processes involve several bids include competitive bidding.

Projected Procurement Service Market Size Worldwide 

The global procurement outsourcing services industry is predicted to expand steadily from 5.1 billion billion U.S. dollars U.S. dollars in 2016 to 7.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. The North American strategy outsourcing market is expected to earn approximately 3.2 billion dollars by that time.

Let’s Learn The Purchasing Process From Strategic to Transactional


Demand and Specification Management:

    1. Creation of specifications
    2. Creation and implementation of processes
    3. Management of change

Strategic Sourcing:

    1. Designing and putting into action a category strategy
    2. Choosing a supplier
    3. Negotiations
    4. Contracting

Supplier Management:

    1. Management of supplier performance
    2. Contract administration
    3. Relationship management with suppliers
    4. Development of suppliers

Sourcing Support:

    1. Analytics on spending
    2. Market research
    3. Profiling of suppliers
    4. Administration of contracts
    5. Management of risks
    6. Purchase on the spot
    7. Support for auctions


Operational Purchasing:

    1. Processing of requisitions
    2. Processing and expediting purchase orders
    3. Receipts for materials and services

Procurement Admin:

    1. Monitoring of performance
    2. Monitoring of compliance
    3. Reporting

Accounts Payable Processing:

    1. Setup and management of supplier master files
    2. Processing and payment of invoices
    3. Auditing of bills
    4. Auditing of time and expenses

Technology and Support System:

    1. Assistance desk
    2. Catalog administration
    3. eProcurement
    4. Hosting of the solution
How We Can Increase Your Business Productivity

Procurement outsourcing services may be an excellent way to avoid the problems that come with in-house service. It may seem strange at first to delegate your buying system to another firm. You understand what your organization requires and want to maintain control over the supplies you require. That’s something our  specialists understand. However, outsourcing procurement strategy does not always imply a loss of control, and it has a number of advantages. So, contact us today and let us help you with your procurement BPO needs.