Bangladesh-Company Incorporation Services:

1. Company detail:

Initiated on [DATE OF THIS AGREEMENT], this Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement (“Agreement”).

  1. A single-member LLC with [MEMBER’S NAME] as the only owner and [MAILING ADDRESS] as the mailing address.
  2. Multi-Member LLC formed by and among [MEMBERS] Members who are recognized as:

Member #1

[MEMBER’S NAME], and [MEMBER’S ADDRESS] is their mailing address. They own [OWNERSHIP]% of the company.

Member #2:

[MEMBER’S NAME], with [OWNERSHIP]% of the Company as well as [MEMBER’S ADDRESS] as their postal address.

Member #3:

[MEMBER’S NAME], who owns [OWNERSHIP]% of the business and whose postal address is [MEMBER’S ADDRESS].

Which although, the Member(s) seek to establish limited liability Company Incorporation Services in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas (the “State of Formation”). And the Member(s) set forth the parameters of the Company’s operation and the connection between any and all Member(s)/

The Member(s) and the Company concur on the following in exchange for the mutual covenants set forth herein and other valued consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are therefore acknowledged:

2. Name and primary business location:

The company will be known by the name [NAME OF COMPANY], LLC, and its major office will be at [PRINCIPAL OFFICE] or another location that the member(s) will choose.

3. Formation:

The Member(s) filed the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State’s office on [FORMATION DATE] in accordance with the laws governing limited liability corporations in the State of Formation (the “Statutes”).

4. Objective:

The Company’s goal is to engage in and carry out any and all legal businesses, activities, or functions, as well as any other legal activities related to or incidental to the same, as determined by the Member(s) at their discretion.

5. Resident Agent and Registered Office:

As stated in the original Articles of Organization/Certificate of Organization or any subsequent amendments, the Registered Office and Resident Agent of the Company shall be as stated therein. It is possible for the Registered Office and/or Resident Agent to change on occasion.

Any such change must be made in conformity with the Statutes or, if they differ from the Statutes, the terms of this Agreement. The Company shall swiftly designate a successor agent in the event of the Resident Agent’s resignation.