There are numerous different ways to launch a business in Bangladesh. Whether the most popular and practical ones for both domestic and foreign businesses are the incorporation of a private limited company or the registration of a branch office.

However, the question may arise, “Do company incorporation services actually maintain corporate tax?”

You can reduce your social security taxes to just the income salary you personally receive by establishing your business. So by doing this, you can save a sizable amount on taxes and separate your social security tax from the whole income from your firm.

So, without delay, let’s break it in detail!

How Do Company Incorporation Services Maintain Corporate Tax?

It can provide an instant reputation boost by having your company incorporated. Additionally, potential investors, lenders, suppliers, clients, and workers will all be able to tell right away if you’re serious and considering the long term.

Incorporating a business does come with some extra expenses and work. Although accounting records for a corporation must be kept separately from those of its owners.

Additionally, annual registration costs must be paid, and separate financial reports and tax returns must be filed by corporations.

Additionally, there are tax advantages to company incorporation services, and businesses may save money on taxes.

The work is worthwhile if your objective is to expand your company into a long-lasting, self-sufficient organization, despite these drawbacks.

What Are The Corporate Tax Rates in Bangladesh?

The corporate tax rate in percentages are given below:


Tax rate (Percentages)

1. Publicly traded businesses


2. Non-publicly traded businesses


3. Publicly traded operators of mobile networks


4. Non-publicly traded operators of mobile networks


5. Institutions of finance, insurance, and banking that are publicly listed


6. Banks, insurance companies, and financial organizations that are not publicly traded


What Are Tax Benefits of Business Incorporation Services?

The numerous tax benefits that are available to incorporated businesses are one of the most important advantages of incorporation to utilize.

There are many deductions at your disposal that are not available to individuals when you transition from being a sole proprietor to a business structure like an LLC. You might specifically experience tax advantages like:

  1. The possibility of deducting startup and operating costs.
  2. Deductibility of employee benefits.
  3. The capability of spreading your losses out over a longer time frame.

How Can A Private Limited Company Be incorporated In Bangladesh?

The process for setting up a private company limited by shares in Bangladesh is described in the following steps:

1. Obtain a letter of name clearance:

Sending the following information with your request for name clearance to RJSC: application form and proposed name.

2. Documentation:

  1. Directors are required to create a provisional bank account in the prospective company’s name with any listed bank, with the understanding that the account will be regularized after the company has been properly registered with Trade Register.
  2. After that the bank’s provident fund certificate attesting to the proper transfer of the required capital contribution amount into the proposed organization’s temporary bank account.
  3. Contribution of capital to the bank account.

3. Documents are submitted to RJSC:

Application and supporting paperwork are executed and sent to RJSC.

The market for company incorporation services was estimated at USD 429.59 billion in 2021, and it is also anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Advantages of Company Incorporation Services

1. Legally distinct entity:

A legal entity that can operate independently from its owners, possess property, enter into contracts that are legally binding, borrow money, bring legal actions, and be accused as well as pay taxes.

2. Unlimited lifespan:

A company is run by a board of directors, and its owners are its stockholders, shareholders, or members.

Only revisions to the company’s charter will allow it to be either extended or liquidated; their demise or inability to carry out their responsibilities has no bearing on the continuity of this legal entity.

3. Limited responsibility:

In addition to, owners of businesses are exclusively accountable for their investment. Afrerward, for payments due by the shareholders, creditors and lenders have no right to the owners’ private property.

4. Competent leadership:

It’s possible that owners or investors don’t actively manage daily operations. In addition to, they choose the board of directors, which eventually employs a qualified management group.

5. Financing source:

However, businesses can raise money by selling stocks and issuing bonds.

What Are The Main Types of Company Incorporation?

The main three types of business incorporation are:

1. S corporation:

The shareholders of a S Corporation, which can have up to 100 shareholders, are responsible for reporting the corporation’s profits and losses on their individual income tax returns rather than the company itself.

2. C corporation:

Profits are received by owners, who are subject to personal income tax, while the corporation is subject to corporate taxes as a whole.

3. Non-profit corporation:

Taxes do not apply to non-profit organizations. Retained in the entity for use in operations, growth, or future goals are any contributions, donations, or also income received.

The Registration Process Is Lengthy- A Myth

The forms must be mailed to the Company Registrar before being registered online. If there were mistakes that needed to be fixed, this process might also take weeks or months to complete.

These times are over, and businesses can now be registered online. The actual application process takes around 15 minutes. The formation of the company should thereafter take less than 24 hours; in reality, the majority of applications take 4-6 hours.

Tips to Consider Before Incorporating a Company

Here are four simple steps business owners can take to simplify incorporation.

1. Make a choice a company name:

Your business’s name may specify the kinds of goods and services it offers, or it may just feature the founder’s name.

2. Choosing a Region:

Since it is sometimes the least complicated and most economical option, a lot of business owners incorporate or create an LLC in the state where they intend to function.

3. Pick Your Common Shares and Number of Stock Shares:

Ownership in a corporation is represented by stock. On the other hand, the minimal selling price for each share of stock is known as par value.

To provide you the most choice, many states let you choose a par value of $0. Since LLCs don’t issue shares, LLC ownership is similar to that of a partnership.

4. Make a Registered Agent yours:

Although select a business that has a solid reputation to handle this. Choose a business that acts as a registered agent full-time and it also maintains a nationwide network of offices.


1. Are accountants required if you are incorporated?

You need your accountant in the process since the articles of incorporation and incorporation paperwork need to have particular sections to allow for income splitting.

2. Is it possible to incorporate yourself to reduce taxes?

By incorporating your business, you can save on taxes because you can pay yourself in nontaxable dividends and hence your income won’t be subject to a self-employment tax. You are self-employed if you own and operate your own firm.

3. Which is preferable, self-employment or incorporation?

Limited liability is one of incorporation’s primary benefits. For their business, a solo proprietor is entirely responsible. Therefore, your home and car, which you own as a sole owner, may be taken.

To Summarize

Even though incorporating may not always be necessary, most firms find that going through the process is beneficial. While it could initially seem difficult, there are many resources that can assist you, so it doesn’t have to be. It might not require as much time or money as you anticipate. To know more you can contact us!