Registration In Bangladesh?

You will be held personally responsible for your Limited Company if you run an unregistered firm. If you don’t form a limited company, you will be held personally liable for any debt that your firm accrues. 

Before diving deeper, you need to take a few aspects in mind. You will have a variety of additional duties as a director of a limited company, including submitting your firm’s paperwork.

We’re going to discuss the actual reason for registering a limited company in this blog post. 

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Benefits of Registering a Limited Company

1. Ability to raise more money 

Public Limited Company: A public limited company has more capacity for raising money. By issuing bonds and debentures through the same market, they may also raise money from the general public.

Private Limited Company: Besides the Public Limited Companies, the only type of firm that may raise money from any investor company in Bangladesh is a Private Limited Company.

2. Easily Transferable Shares

Public Limited Company: Public limited company stock is bought and sold on a stock exchange market. Both its members and the stock exchange market may freely transfer them.

Private Limited Company: Shareholders may transfer their ownership to any third party. Shares can be easily transferred by completing and signing a share transfer form, then giving the buyer of the shares a share certificate.

3. Members Have Limited Liability

Public Limited Company: A public limited company is most advantageous to the shareholders and directors since they are shielded from new responsibilities. Additionally, if the company has a financial loss, shareholders are safeguarded from losing their assets. 

Private Limited Company: As long as a member’s liability is constrained, their personal assets won’t be utilized to settle the company’s debts if it has financial difficulty for whatever reason.

Why is switching to a limited company necessary?

One advantage of managing a limited company is that you won’t be held personally liable if your business incurs losses or faces legal action. As a result, all of your business finances must be held in the company’s name. Your private property is shielded against attachment in the event of a business failure when you operate as a limited company.

Problems with limited companies

The following are the most significant problems:

  1. Corporations House is where limited companies must be formed.
  2. Certain limitations apply to company names.
  3. Data relating to individuals and companies will be made publicly available.
  4. Every year, HMRC must receive a Company Tax Return and yearly accounts.
  5. You must immediately notify Companies House of any changes to your firm information.
  6. To assist you with your tax matters, you might need to hire an accountant.

Lawyers for limited company registration in Bangladesh

There are two different kinds of limited companies in Bangladesh: 

(i)private limited companies  

(ii) public limited companies.

A private limited corporation must have a minimum of two directors and a maximum of fifty to be registered in Bangladesh.

Minimum and maximum member requirements for public limited companies in Bangladesh are seven and limitless, respectively.

There must be at least one Bangladeshi and one foreigner to incorporate a joint venture business founded by foreign investors.

If international investors want to employ foreign workers, they must send at least $50,000 into their home country.

7  Limited Company Registration Guidelines

The requirements to register a limited company are detailed below:

  1. Record the names of all shareholders and directors.
  2. Address verification for all shareholders and directors
  3. The registered office’s water, phone, gas, or electric bill. However, it can’t be older than two months.
  4. To utilize a place as a Registered Office, you must get a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from the building’s real landlord.
  5. Taxpayer identification numbers for each director (DINs).
  6. The Directors’ Digital Signature Certificates should be obtained.
  7. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Private vs Public Limited Companies

1. Stock exchange: The term “public limited company” designates a business with securities that are publicly traded on an established stock exchange. Contrarily, a private limited company is one whose stock is privately held by its members and is not listed on a stock exchange.

Winner : Public Limited Company

2. Flexibilities: When managing the business of the firm, Private Limited Companies have more operational flexibility than Public Limited Companies. A public firm is subject to certain rules and regulations that do not apply to private companies.

Winner : Private Limited Companies

3. Shareholders: While a public company must have statutory meetings and distribute the minutes to shareholders as well as file the documents with the registrar, a private company is not compelled to do so.

Winner: Private Limited Companies

4. Certificate: While a public company requires a certificate of commencement of business after getting a certificate of formation, a private limited company can begin operations immediately after receiving the certificate of incorporation.

Winner: Private Limited Company


1. Can a limited business be formed by one person?

A single person who will serve as both the business’s only shareholder and director can form a limited company, as well as many stockholders. A limited business has the following benefits: liabilities, including debts and legal action.

2. What makes you eligible to form a limited company?

A minimum of one person is required. An organization’s owners are its members. A profit is to be made and distributed to the owners or shareholders. The great majority of businesses are private, limited by shares.

3. Can I manage my limited company from my house?

You can offset permissible costs as a limited business owner who works from home on a full- or part-time basis. This will lower your corporation tax obligation and boost your revenue. Working from home is a viable alternative for you because you might save hundreds of pounds on taxes.

Bottom Line

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Using a real business formation agency may undoubtedly provide you peace of mind. Additionally, we’ll make sure your limited company is set up and operating with the least amount of hassle and error.