How BI Consulting Increases Productivity


The client company getting serviced with the present business intelligence consulting, is called “X” Group that is situated in the UK and specialises in catering equipment solutions (X Group, 2016). They also specialise in asset management for their clients, who range from huge corporations to small enterprises, and their key business is the sale and service of catering equipment. There are about 150 employees in the company. The company’s annual revenue is about £25 million.


  1. Because the database wasn’t made to make report generation fast, it was a time-consuming and rigid task that slowed the processing of the company’s main IT system.
  2. The speed of report generation was impacted by several legacy IT concerns because the organization has been operating for more than ten years.
  3. Lack of BI technology skills posed the main obstacle to X Group’s implementation of a business intelligence consulting solution.
  4. The company’s IT staff was already assigned with maintaining and improving the current IT infrastructure on a daily basis.


The X Group sought to increase their capacity for data management, analysis, and utilisation.

In order to successfully and efficiently manage their business, they also want a data management system that is adaptable and agile. As a result, the leadership team has decided to put a BI consulting solution in place to aid in their long-term business goals.

Our Project Objectives

The primary source of the business data for the company is an internal program created for managing external services. This project for business intelligence consulting is focus on:

  1. Examination of Client KPIs: It is crucial to comprehend whether Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met, clients are satisfy, etc. because servicing catering equipment is the company’s main line of business.
  2. Evaluation of the Performance and Productivity of Engineers: The organization wants to evaluate and analyze the quality and profitability of the engineers through BI consulting in order to better manage their time and the standard of their work.
  3. Examining the Financial Data: Analysis of the costs and sales data will allow users to determine the company’s economic state of play as the growth rate of the business increases.
  4. Asset Control: The business keeps a lot of outdated data about the clients’ equipment, including spending histories and servicing records. The capacity to use this data will improve the service offered to customers.

Implementation Of Our BI Consulting Methodology

There are various methods for putting a business intelligence consulting service into practice.

Based on the business’s size, IT budget, level of BI expertise, and other factors, this could vary considerably. Larger organizations, for instance, may purchase one of the many business intelligence consulting services offered by a top vendor. A BI consulting solution of this kind can involve personnel assistance and training. Such a company can also afford to hire a specialized team to set up and maintain the system. However, SMEs are unlikely to be able to buy a high-profile BI consulting system bundle, and such solutions’ capabilities are probably more advanced than what the usual SME would require.

According to McGonagle’s (2007) recommendations, we have established an innovative, five-stage BI consulting implementation process:

1. Planning

2. Data Gathering

3. Analysis of Data

4. Data Distribution

5. Feedback

Analysis Of The Feedback

  1. Feedback from the end users is gather at the conclusion of each implementation phase for business intelligence consulting. The following version of BI consulting implementation is guided by this feedback.
  2. The input we received for this project came from a steering group made up of managers from all levels of the organization who also use our business intelligence consulting service.
  3. Directors of the commercial and technical departments as well as managers of the business operations make up our steering group.
  4. The steering group checks the reliability of the intelligence and the quality of the data, and it offers suggestions for how to make the solution even better in the future.

Benefits Of Our Business Intelligence Consulting Solution

Our experience demonstrates that the organization has benefited from BI adoption.

  1. The top and intermediate administration as well as the IT department have so far benefited most.
  2. The management now has the freedom to investigate business information without needing IT support, and the IT staff is free to enhance the quality and granularity of information that is available, thanks to the introduction of the business intelligence consulting solution.
  3. As a result, the management has a better understanding of the state of the company and can therefore make business decisions that are more informed.
  4. A tangible benefit analysis of installing a BI system in the business has also been conduct. This investigation showed that within six months of deploying the initial iteration of the BI consulting, there were noticeable, real benefits.






1. Cost Saving



2. Increased Revenue



3. Time Saving






Our Business Intelligence Consulting System Outcomings

  1. SMEs are given the tools they need by BI consulting services to analyze their present performance and compare it to the KPIs of the business.
  2. While many SMEs are aware of the advantages of using BI systems, they are frequently deter by the process since it appears to be difficult and expensive. According to our experience, SMEs can simply integrate economical, straightforward business intelligence consulting solutions into their current IT infrastructure.
  3. Before making any new expenditures, SMEs should have a better understanding of their current IT infrastructure given the increased accessibility of business intelligence consulting solutions.
  4. A BI consulting solution must go through several stages of implementation. To achieve success, one must have a solid comprehension of these phases.
  5. Data warehouses cannot be construct by merely combining tables from the live transaction database to enable effective data retrieval and analysis. It should be correctly design by adhering to dimensional modelling requirements.
Bottom Line

Organizations of all sizes may be manage effectively, thanks to the analytical data and crucial performance indicators provide by our business intelligence consulting tools.

In general, SMEs used our BI consulting tools more effectively than large organizations.

Therefore, get in touch with us right away to modernize your company’s infrastructure with our BI system.