BI Consulting Services And Their Perks

Business intelligence consulting entails the evaluation of the procedural and technological framework used to gather, store, and process the data generated by a company’s operations.

Data mining, process analysis, quality assessment, and technical analysis are all included in the broad category of business intelligence consulting. A business’s whole data output is dissected by BI consulting. Which then delivers simple-to-understand reports, performance metrics, and trends that guide management choices.

Did you know? The majority of businesses can gain from hiring business intelligence consulting firms; managers who have erroneous or limited information typically make worse judgments than those who do.


  1. The technical framework for gathering, storing, and analyzing corporate data is represented through BI consulting.
  2. For businesses looking to better utilize their data, software companies offer business intelligence consulting services.
  3. Excel, accounting software, visualization software, machine learning tools, and online analytical processing are just a few examples of the many different types of business intelligence consulting software and tools available today (OLAP).

Our Client’s Story

The customer is a multinational corporation with operations in more than 30 industries throughout the globe, including FMCG retail and distribution, travel, and the oil and gas industry. They were looking to automate their business operations, and they hired us for our business intelligence services.

The Challenges They Faced 

The customer ran a number of completely distinct businesses with totally independent IT infrastructures, and each firm was locked with regard to operational data. The client was unable to implement projects like a 360-degree customer view or a multinational corporation loyalty program due to a lack of data connection and BI consulting among the businesses.

Customer’s Requirements

  1. The customer needed to create a consistent strategy for integration because they were also anticipating prospective growth, where a new firm would need to seamlessly integrate into the current IT system.
  2. The customer also requested aerial reporting that would cover all company facets. In order to accomplish that, the customer hired us to provide business intelligence consulting. On a high-level framework and a technological stack for each component of the architecture.

Overcoming The Barriers




Our business intelligence consulting team met with the senior management of each organization during their onsite interview with the customer to begin the project.


Our business intelligence consulting specialists looked at each business’s as-is architecture and operational procedures, like how its sales pipelines worked, and they spotted issues and integration gaps.


For the future analytics and reporting tool. Our BI consulting team collected the following stakeholder requirements: near real-time data processing, multi-dimensional simulation models, quick ad-hoc reporting, and mobile display for reports.


Our business intelligence consulting experts created a high-level framework with three different technology stack options based on these results.


Our business intelligence consulting team performed an in-depth study to support. The technology choice for each architecture element (enterprise service bus, ETL, data warehousing, analytics, and reporting).


We agreed with the client to focus on just four technologies for each component.

Our BI consulting team created the final high-level framework and technology stack after outlining the exact characteristics of each solution to the client and addressing their strategic business ambitions.

Impacts Of Our Business Intelligence Consulting Solutions

  1. The client acquired a top-level framework at the completion of the project, ensuring aerial reporting and the critical integration of many enterprises.
  2. Because of our business intelligence consulting experts’ consistent approach to integration, the business was able to scale effectively.
  3. The customer also received a thorough report supporting the selection of technology for each element of the structure.
  4. Cost estimates and analytical findings for each technology that have been looke. At from a variety of perspectives were included in the business intelligence consulting report.


  1. Q&A interviews
  2. The breakdown of functions
  3. An examination of business requirements
  4. Comparative study

Bottom Line

Business intelligence consulting was developed to assist companies in avoiding the issue of “trash in and trash out,” which results from inaccurate or incomplete data analysis.

Our BI consulting efforts’ ultimate purpose is to encourage smarter business decisions. That let enterprises boost sales, enhance operational effectiveness, and gain an advantage over rival companies. We combine analytics, data management, and reporting tools with diverse data management and analysis approaches in order to accomplish that goal. If your business is in need of business intelligence consulting, send us a free quote today!