How Important Is It For Your Business To Have Office Spaces

A rental office is a completely furnished and equipped pay-as-you-go office space in a building maintained by a third party. Clients will be able to hire single serviced offices or entire floors from operators, providing them with private, fully prepared flexible office space on liberal terms.

As an alternative to traditional office spaces, more firms are turning to flexible commercial property solutions including virtual offices and serviced offices.

Did you know? There are presently roughly 18,700 coworking spaces around the world, according to Statista’s temporary office space worldwide statistics. The number is increasing every day, and by 2025, it is predict to reach approximately 26,000 people.


  1. Serviced office spaces, in contrast to extended leases and hidden expenditures such as maintenance, building costs, furniture, and equipment installation, are managed, fully equipped, and charge transparent monthly, all-inclusive fees.
  2. Executive offices, managed offices, and business centres are all terms for serviced offices. Serviced office management companies are in charge of maintaining the infrastructure and welcoming enterprises.
  3. Office spaces can be arrange for the optimum outcomes, whether a single office is require or nearby offices are join for a larger number of employees.

Does Your Business Need A Serviced Office To Operate

Service holders around the globe have had different opinions about their productivity since the Covid-19 has occurred. Let’s look at a survey that tells us whether people like working more virtually rather than coming to the office spaces:

Serviced Office And Its Role In Business Growth

Biggest Challenges In A Coworking Rental Office

1. Distraction: More than 50% of high-performing employees claim that quiet offices are essential to their success. However, coworking serviced office spaces aren’t necessarily conducive to a peaceful setting.

2. Lack Of Privacy: Employees desire privacy at work, even if they operate in a collaborative environment.

In their temporary office space, 48% of employees say privacy is a problem.

3. Limited Space: Employees appreciate their personal space above all else at work: a serviced office space can stifle productivity and employee morale.

Working in a flexible office space, according to 39% of coworking employees, is difficult due to a lack of space.

4. Security And Safety: A brainstorming session could be overheard — and hijacked by a competitor. Computers left in the share service office spaces overnight may be stole.

Nearly a quarter of coworking employees (23%) think their rental office spaces have security or safety risks.

How To Overcome These Barriers

  1. It’s difficult to limit noise in an open coworking space, but businesses can cut down on distractions by investing in noise-cancelling headphones or looking for a flexible office space with quiet areas.
  2. According to a Fast Company article from 2019, there are four reasons why office privacy is important:
    2.1. Helps ideas acquire traction: Before presenting an idea to a large group, people usually debate it with one or two colleagues. For these discussions, they require privacy.
    2.2. Encourages creativity: Creativity necessitates private moments of reflection or small-group brainstorming.
    2.3. Encourages focus: Having some seclusion allows people to ponder, reflect, and concentrate more effectively in temporary office spaces.
    2.4. Boosts employee morale: Employees are more engaged when their workplace provides a mix of private and louder, more collaborative serviced office spaces.
  3. Businesses that use a coworking serviced office space must select an office with sufficient space for employees to accomplish their jobs effectively.

Is a Serviced Office Right for Your Business

Whether youre a startup business or an established enterprise, renting a office is an attractive option for many businesses. It offers flexibility and the ability to scale operations easily without the need for major upfront investments or longterm commitments.

A serviced office is typically a fullyequipped office space with furnishings, often located in a professional, desirable area within an office building. Most importantly, they benefit from shared amenities, including reception service, conference rooms, and janitorial services. Offices offer shorter leases without the expense of setting up the infrastructure. Such as buying or leasing furniture, IT services, telecommunications, and office supplies.

Overall, renting a serviced office could be the right solution for businesses of any size looking for a flexible office space with the convenience of shared services. It can help to bring down costs while having access to professional services.

How Can Serviced Offices Improve Productivity

Serviced offices can have a positive impact on productivity in several ways. Here are some ways in which serviced offices can improve productivity:

  1. Ready-to-Use Infrastructure: Serviced offices are fully furnished and equipped with essential office infrastructure, including desks, chairs, meeting rooms, and advanced technology. Employees can start working immediately, without any delays or distractions, leading to increased productivity.
  2. Professional Work Environment: Offices provide a professional and well-maintained work environment. The design and layout of these offices are often optimize for productivity, with ergonomic furniture, adequate lighting, and comfortable workspaces.
  3. Access to Business Support Services: Offices often come with a range of support services, such as receptionists, administrative staff, IT support, and maintenance personnel.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Serviced offices are typically shared spaces, hosting multiple companies and professionals from different industries. This presents networking opportunities and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals.
  5. Flexibility and Scalability: Serviced offices offer flexibility in terms of lease duration and scalability. Businesses can choose short-term or flexible lease agreements, allowing them to adapt to changing needs and market conditions.
Bottom Line

Almost every employee in a temporary office space faces difficulties. To help employees feel much happier, safer, and more engaged in the workplace, businesses should address these issues. So contact us today so we can help you find the most perfect flexible office space for your company!