In Bangladesh, Forming a company is easier than ever. Anyone interested in starting a business. 

Processes are now more automated, less paper-intensive, and easier. Therefore, now is the ideal moment to develop a plan to launch your business in Bangladesh.

We suggest foreign investors read our article. It will assist you in Bangladesh’s legal framework for foreign investment.

We’ve done extensive study and created a list of possible business issues for 2021–2022, so you may avoid their mistakes. Let’s closely explore each entrepreneur-related issue and come up with a solution to solve it.

6 Significant Challenges And Solution for Company Formation

You’ll be significantly more prepared for any issues and provide your company the finest opportunity of success by understanding the difficulties you could experience and how to handle them:

1. Skills and knowledge gaps

Challenge: Lack of expertise could result in blunders that could cost your company money. You’ll also have to deal with tremendous time and energy demands while starting a firm.

Action: As you read business advice websites, attend events, join business organizations, and seek mentors, you should also educate yourself in important areas like finance, marketing, and sales. 

2. Financial administration

Challenges: One of the main causes of startup failure is poor financial planning. Your business won’t be successful if your expenses outweigh your income.

Action: To make a profit, you must be aware of all the expenses your start-up will face and ensure that the prices of your goods and services are reasonable. Make a cash flow forecast that includes sales, profit, and loss projections. Then, you can project the amount of money that will come into and leave your company.

3. Leadership

Challenges: Your staff will turn to you for strong leadership as your start-up expands and you develop a team.

Action: Employees should be fully aware of their goals, the overall goals of the company, and the course that the company is taking. Be clear about the goals and missions of your company.

4. Productivity and time management

Challenges: When starting a business, excellent time management is essential. Due to the several hats that new business owners must wear, it is simple to become sidetracked and place your attention in the incorrect places.

Action: Set aside time each week to assess and assess areas of your business that require attention. If you have a crucial task to finish, turn off your email, app, and messaging notifications. Hire a web designer or accountant to handle your corporate tax returns or build your website instead of doing it yourself.

5. Failure to plan

Challenge: It might be tempting to establish a new company venture without doing much forward-thinking mainly because of the thrill of the idea.

Action: Planning and setting goals increase a business owner’s chances of success. A lack of preparation could result in your company running out of money or not being ready for crucial tasks like marketing or working with suppliers.

6. Lack of market

Challenges: Your business plan must include information on the market’s need for your product or service. No matter how great your business idea is, it won’t work if there aren’t enough customers willing to buy your product or service.

Action: Take the time to carry out market research. Gates to gather data on possible clients. You may use this information to determine the size of your target market and whether there is adequate interest in your company concept.

Reasons Why Do You Need Company Formation?

It is difficult to build a successful company formation in Bangladesh. So you need know some of this reasons before register a company:

  1. Your organization will be given legal status following a successful registration.
  2. Once you register your firm, ownership may only be transferred.
  3. Globalization is a possibility for you.
  4. Increases financial commitment and guarantees stability
  5. Your business is a legal entity and may easily obtain bank credits and investments from respectable investors.

What Help Can OutsourcingBD Provide for Company Formation?

OutsoursingBD assists you in establishing credibility for your business. We will ensure that you acquire your Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), PAN, and TAN. Our qualified staff will also give you legal counsel. Then you may create a checking account and start running your business with us.

Overview of Bangladesh’s legal entities of corporate incorporation services

Entity Type

Minimum permitted foreign ownership

Minimum capital paid up

Lowest number of shareholders

Limited Liability Company




Public Limited Company




Associated Company




Division Office


No capital*

No shareholders

Reprographic Office


No capital*

No shareholders

Conditions for Submitting Returns

  1. Annual Returns: Each calendar year, there should be an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”). There can be a maximum of 15 months between AGMs after the first one, which must be held within 18 months of the company’s founding.
  2. Continual Return: A pertinent return must be filed with the RJSC within a certain amount of time in the event that the board of directors, the shareholding structure, or any other change.

How to Register a Company in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s company registration process is partially automated. The establishment process for a company in Bangladesh consists of the following three easy steps: 

Step 1: Clearance of Name.

Step 2: Opening a bank account and transferring the paid-up capital.

Step 3: The Company’s Registration.


1. What is the price to register a company in Bangladesh? 

A starting capital of around BDT 318320 is needed to open a business in Bangladesh. The total cost is BDT 4125 (registration costs of BDT 2925 plus filing expenses).

2. Can I launch a business without any experience?

In Bangladesh, must a corporation be registered before doing business? The response is no! In Bangladesh, forming a corporation is not necessary to launch a business. There are other additional ways to launch a business in Bangladesh, but they are not well known.

3. What differentiates a limited company from a private limited business in Bangladesh?

The term “private limited company” refers to a business that is not publicly traded and whose shareholders own their shares in a private capacity. Public limited company is one whose stock is freely traded by the general public.

At Last,

OutsoursingBD can help you design any software product that satisfies your company needs, and we can assist you in overcoming all business obstacles. We are able to achieve the high quality that clients expect thanks to our broad expertise in a variety of sectors. Find out how we can work together to advance your company by getting in touch with us.