Payroll Outsourcing: All You Need To Know in Bangladesh

In a firm situated in Bangladesh, payroll outsourcing entails enlisting the help of a payroll outsourcing provider to perform all payroll-related tasks.

Maintaining employee data, calculating payroll and compensation, generating and adding bonuses, delivering payroll, providing payroll-related reports, and complying with government taxes rules are all part of payroll outsourcing.

Payroll outsourcing companies are used by 59% of organisations to cut costs.

Organisations Worldwide Who Have Payroll Outsourcing Providers From 2016 To 2019

Between 2016 and 2019, the percentage of organisations that totally outsourced managed payroll services changed, with 12% of those surveyed in a 2019 study saying they completely outsource their payroll opposed to 8% in 2016.


  1. Outsourcing payroll functions in Bangladesh is commonly done to save money and time while going through financial tasks related to payroll.
  2. Hiring payroll outsourcing services to manage payroll activities eliminates the need to recruit and train a big in-house payroll staff, purchase proper payroll software, and stay up to speed on difficult tax requirements.
  3. Hiring offshore payroll companies is useful for all types of businesses in Bangladesh, whether they have a large payroll, a mid-range payroll, or a small payroll.

How Much It Costs To Hire Managed Payroll Outsourcing Services

You’ll quickly realise that outsourcing your company’s payroll comes with a variety of charges.

The total amount you pay per month can vary greatly depending on one-time expenses, tax filing fees, and the monthly charge of the service itself.




Basic Costs

Direct payment, payroll processing, conventional tax preparation, and an online interface for both management and staff are all included.


Tax Assistance

W-2 printing, mailing, and reporting are all part of the tax filing process.


One-Time Fees

establishing a time tracking system for recording employee hours and, as time passes, implementing adjustments to that system


Additional Fees

Direct deposit, check signature, per-envelope filling, new staff reporting, and other services are included.

Per Discussion

5 Crucial Steps To Follow In Payroll Outsourcing

  1. The setup process entails providing all relevant information to the outsourced payroll provider of your choice. You’ll need to double-check each employee’s pay and working hours.
  2. The payroll outsourcing provider will need the average hours worked for each employee throughout the pay period so that they may enter the information into their software and compute the earnings and salaries. It’s possible that you’ll need to double-check the information for them.
  3. The managed payroll services will calculate the pre-tax and post-tax adjustments if they are relevant when the gross pay is determined. Taxes, child support, and employment benefits are just a few examples.
  4. Your offshore payroll companies will make deposits or distribute checks to your employees. As well as make other essential payments, such as taxes during tax season, once the net pay is computed.
  5. You will get payroll reports for each period as the business owner.

Potential for Growth Through Employee Outsourcing

Employee outsourcing has significant potential for facilitating business growth. Here are some ways in which employee outsourcing can contribute to the expansion and development of a company:

  1. Scalability and Flexibility: Outsourcing enables businesses to quickly scale their operations up or down in response to changing market demands. This scalability and flexibility provide the foundation for sustainable growth.
  2. Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing non-core functions, businesses can redirect their internal resources and expertise toward core competencies. By concentrating efforts on core competencies, businesses can achieve growth and competitive advantage.
  3. Access to Specialized Skills and Expertise: Outsourcing can provide access to specialized skills and expertise that may not be available internally. External service providers often have specialized knowledge, industry experience, and also best practices that can be leveraged to drive growth.
  4. Cost Savings and Financial Efficiency: Employee outsourcing can lead to significant cost savings compared to hiring full-time employees. These cost savings can be reinvest in growth initiatives.
  5. Global Expansion Opportunities: Outsourcing opens doors to global expansion by enabling businesses to access talent and resources from around the world. It provides the flexibility to establish remote teams or leverage the services of offshore providers, expanding the company’s reach beyond its local market.

What Are Your Managed Payroll Services Options 

According to various research, the number of businesses outsourcing managed payroll services is only going to increase.

Important Note: There have already been considerable improvements compared to five years ago, and we believe that as interest in this type of service grows, so will the number of payroll options available to businesses.

  1. Hiring full-service payroll outsourcing companies: The key advantage you get here is the extensive knowledge these specialists have with conducting payroll and also guaranteeing business tax compliance.
  2. Hiring a Professional Employer Organization (PEO): A PEO provides HR services as well. But it is normally more expensive than an outsourced payroll provider that specialises in that.
  3. Investing in payroll software: It is still preferable than using an Excel spreadsheet and doing everything by hand.
  4. Using a freelance accountant: Partnering with a payroll outsourcing provider rather than a staff may assist small firms because it is less expensive. If you go with this option, make absolutely sure the contract with the accountant is explicit to avoid any complications with employee classification.

Strategies for Integrating Outsourced Employees Into Your Organization

1. Establish Clear Lines of Communication: Clearly communicate the organization’s mission, vision, and values to all employees, both outsourced and internal. Create a culture of collaboration and ensure everyone is on the same page by providing regular updates on progress.

2. Integrate Outsourced Employees Into the Company Culture: Provide specific training to ensure that the outsourced employees understand the goals of the organization and how to work towards them.

3. Streamline Processes and Collaboration Tools: Ensure the outsourced employees have access to the same technologies used by remote teams to collaborate.

4. Utilize Performance Evaluation: Develop indicators to measure the effectiveness of each of the outsourced and internal team members’ performance.

5. Provide Feedback: Create channels for providing feedback to the outsourced employees. This can help you understand how integrated they are feeling in the organization.

Grow Your Company With Our Payroll Outsourcing Services

Whatever the case may be, you will have to pay payroll outsourcing fees, whether domestically or outside. Even so, you should conduct a cost-benefit analysis to guarantee that the path you choose will save your business money in the long term.

Utilise the features we provide to help you expedite the payroll outsourcing process and reduce your payroll expenditures.