HR Solution: The Most Important Factor

At OutsourcingBD, we’re committed to offering the best HR and payroll services on the market to each and every one of our customers. With a fresh new perspective, personal service, and a sense of community, our mission has always been to shake up the market.
As we look to the future of OutsourcingBD, our staff is working hard to develop our system on a regular basis. The hr workforce analytics research is better now a days.
Furthermore, we continue to empower our clients to actively design our global hr and payroll solutions for the future, ensuring that we always provide all an hr professional requires to do their job properly.

Nearly 55% of HR executives think turnover is higher now than it was before the pandemic, and they don’t expect it to go down very soon.

As a result, we’re thrilled to provide you a unique look at OutsourcingBD’s future. Users of OutsourcingBD will soon be able to make faster decisions that positively influence their people, save critical time, and promote cooperation across teams and departments, thanks to a modernized design, simpler navigation, and new and improved user experience.

Customers will be allowed to switch between the existing and new interfaces for a period of six months to ensure everyone is comfortable with the new design elements before the new interface is pushed out in February 2022.

So, what’s on the horizon?

Our New Look and Simplified Navigation will Save You Valuable Time

Our focus on the user and user experience is a critical component of creating amazing products that people want to use. Users can expect a brand-new appearance and feel from OutsourcingBD as part of this update, ensuring that our industry-leading hr and payroll software is both simple and intuitive.

In addition to a fresh appearance and feel, OutsourcingBD’s menu and top navigation bar have been simplified. Moving around OutsourcingBD will soon be redesigned with a neater menu and modernized iconography to guarantee that any user can easily navigate their way around the system to get what they’re searching for.

Let Your Eyes Be Delighted!

OutsourcingBD will be getting a brand-new look and feel shortly, which we’re sure you’ll adore! As a result, our industry-leading hr and payroll software makes discovering important data much easier than before.
While moving about, fonts, color palettes, and icons are easy on the eye. OutsourcingBD will be elegant, simple, and enjoyable to use. The way users ‘do things’ and execute actions in OutsourcingBD will largely remain unchang, but the overall user experience will be improve.

HR Can Improve Employee Engagement

Your employees will benefit from a better hr solution experience in addition to the new appearance and feel. We’ve given the entire system a facelift. And your staff will be able to manage their own HR requests and personal information more easily than ever before. Thanks to a more user-friendly design and feel.

This exciting new upgrade will benefit your entire team and minimize the administrative strain on HR by reducing the time it takes to locate critical papers, update their personal data, request time off, and much more.

How HR Solutions Can Drive Better Decision Making

HR Solutions, particularly those that leverage modern technology and data analytics, can significantly improve decision-making in an organization in several ways:
  1. Data-Driven Insights: Modern HR solutions provide comprehensive data on employee performance, engagement, turnover rates, and more. These data-driven insights can help managers and leaders make informed decisions about hiring, promotions, compensation, and strategic planning.
  2. Predictive Analytics: Some advanced HR solutions incorporate predictive analytics, which can forecast trends. Such as employee turnover, future recruitment needs, or the impact of certain policies on employee satisfaction. This can help leaders make proactive decisions and plan for the future.
  3. Performance Management: HR solutions often include tools for tracking and analyzing employee performance. This can inform decisions about promotions, training needs, and performance improvement strategies.
  4. Efficient Hiring: HR solutions can streamline the recruitment process, providing tools for efficiently screening and evaluating candidates. This can lead to better hiring decisions and a stronger overall team.
  5. Improved Compliance: HR solutions can help ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, minimizing the risk of costly legal issues. This allows for better decision-making in areas such as compensation, benefits, and working conditions.
  6. Employee Engagement: Many HR solutions include surveys and feedback tools that provide insights into employee engagement and satisfaction. This can inform decisions about company culture, work-life balance policies, and employee recognition programs.
  7. Workforce Planning: HR solutions can provide valuable data for workforce planning. Such as identifying skills gaps, planning for future hiring needs, and succession planning.

Making Impactful People Decisions has Never been Easier

HR and managers can make quicker decisions that have a positive impact on their people with OutsourcingBD’s larger screen size, allowing them to see more information on one screen.

A More Personalised Employee Experience

Each employee will now have personalised, auto-generated quick links within their own dashboards that will allow them to access the functions of the system that they frequently access. Such as clocking in, adding expenses, and updating timesheets.

Improve Employee Satisfaction with Easier Employee Management

The new update will also streamline the way you manage your employees. With better understanding of all the key information about your team, the ability to display important company announcements to employees and acknowledge receipt, and the capability for managers to review the status of their entire team in an easy-to-use dashboard, OutsourcingBD users will be able to take advantage of strong people insights to understand employee engagement and devise initiatives to support their teams.


The payroll administration system has performed admirably, with excellent results and positive user comments.

With increase utilization and recommendations for greater performance, employee management systems are increasingly regard as a valuable asset for human resource (HR) exercises and operations.

Newly develop HR operations models are being consider. And some of them are in the development stage, with a release date imminent.