Foreign Business Incorporation Service: Start Your Business With Ease

Our executives are experience professionals who comprehend the challenges concern in registration of overseas companies so far. Our purpose is to help the global investors setting up their business in any place accordingly to law and foreign investment.

Bangladesh allows foreign companies to operate business here under some certain rules and also regulations. Although the process of foreign business incorporation service takes some quality efforts. While incorporation a business in Bangladesh, you also need to submit a bunch of documents to the concerned authorities. After that taking all the approvals from authorities, you can operate the business in the country. However, as a professional business incorporation service provider, we provide you with hassle-free business incorporation service.

Our 5 business incorporation service Process That Make Your Registration Perfectly

Generally foreign companies choose to open a private limited company in Bangladesh for some good reasons. You can register a foreign company in the following way: 

Why Choose Our Business Incorporation Services: 4 Quality Process For You!

01. Long Experience Ensures Quality Service

We have years of experience in dealing with foreign company trademark registration services in Bangladesh. so you can assure about the quality of our services.

02. Appropriate Document Makes the Process Smooth

Our appropriate documentation makes the whole registration process smooth. At last get in touch with us for registering your company with ease.

03. Expert Team Works on Your Registration Process

As well as  a professional service provider, we have a team of the company as business incorporation experts who can make things easy for you to establish a foreign company in our country.

04. Collaborative Team Makes the Communication Easy

Our collaborative team works in a simple, defined process and  also responds to your queries on time. Smooth collaboration will ensure satisfaction. We make communication easy. 

FAQs For Foreign Company Registration

Many businesses favor business incorporations because of the many unique features they offer. Included are:
Limitation of Liability. The primary advantage of incorporation for a business is the limited liability it confers on its shareholders. Most of the time, shareholders are not liable for the debts and other obligations of the corporation.

The most challenging aspect of business incorporation is choosing a company name. The name of the corporation, under which the corporation will exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations, must be acceptable at the time of incorporation. Corporate names must conform to various statutory requirements. You may want to review the relevant acts and regulations in your jurisdiction.
The most common concern when choosing a corporate name is that the name cannot be identical to another corporation or business that has already adopted a similar or identical name.
In general, corporate names have three components:
1. A distinctive feature;
2. The descriptive element; and
3. A legal conclusion.

It is typical for most jurisdictions to require you to file Articles of Incorporation and pay statutory government incorporation fees.

Yes. You can prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation yourself for business incprporation, but you should understand the requirements of the country in which you intend to incorporate. If you are unsure if incorporation will benefit your business, or what type of business you should form, consult an attorney or accountant.

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