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Acquiring a business is quite a long and complicated process. It’s not only about money, but a bit more things. We provide business acquisition service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you are planning to acquire a business in Bangladesh, you are just at the right place. We provide comprehensive business acquisition service.

Accelerate market Access with our 4 Business Acquisition Services

Liaison Branch Office Setup

Remote companies arranging to set up their trade operations in Bangladesh have to begin a liaison office. It isn’t permitted to embrace any trade or winning action in Bangladesh and cannot win any wage in Bangladesh. Costs of a liaison office ought to be met completely through the remote trade from your Head Office exterior Bangladesh.

Vendor Screening

OutsourcingBD helps to do a comprehensive screening of your potential vendors starting from educational qualifications to their financial backgrounds, everything is checked thoroughly and verified by us. You can remain fully assured that your business is in safe hands. We provide quality verification service faster.

Merger and Acquisition

Are you planning for a merger or acquisition in Bangladesh? Want to consult with a professional service provider firm and complete the process smoothly? If the answer is yes, we have got you covered with our professional service. OutsourcingBD is a professional merger and acquisition service provider.

Placement Share

Private placement refers to a funding round of securities that are sold through a private offering but not through a public offering, mostly to a small number of chosen investors. A private placement is also well-known as a private placement debt offering the private sale, or issue of equity securities or corporate debt by a company.




Our firm has an expert team that helps our clients to understand the market. They analyze and do research on market situation. Thus help clients to understand.



The strategies we have outlined for our clients have proven successful and thus we have confidence to provide to you the best kind of business acquisition roadmap.



We do regular follow up after the execution of our acquisition business plan and manage the performance of the client’s business. Get in touch with us.

Get 8 Dynamic Business Acquisition Process in Bangladesh

1. At the planning stage of business acquisition key managers of both company entities incorporate each other discussing the price sensitive issues, privacy policies, project management office, employees with job descriptions etc.

2. Then both companies negotiate on the company’s valuation models and if you are acquirer you should have enough information to give assurance your firm to the fair offer. Then both organizations will do meetings on the elaboration of their term.

3. After that both firms (transferee and the firm intending to merge with) have to seek advance approval of commence financial and legal due-diligence from Bangladesh Bank. Following Documents are needed to get approval from Bangladesh Bank
All the credentials for example background, resources, net worth of the company.
All the information related to lawyers, advisors and chartered accountants etc and have to make sure none of them are involve in due diligence and dealing shares, have conflict of interest regarding this business acquisition.

4. Disclosure plans are also important in acquisition business agreement. Moreover in Bangladesh if the disclosure plan is incomplete, it may result selling company or its stockholder will face serious liability or being invaded by purchase agreement.

5. Then the transferee company has to submit an application to Bangladesh Bank. Moreover along with other documents company has to submit the scheme of acquisition.

6. In business acquisition process transferor and the transferee have to mutually agreed upon the pricing matters related to asset valuation and transferred liabilities.

7. Finally if both companies and financial system of our country are benefited Bangladesh Bank will give the approval to the scheme.

8. After the approval from Bangladesh Bank ,Under Companies Act 1994 companies have to fulfill other formalities and to file an application to High court.


We assist our clients to find out their acquisition is making more sense than internal expansion, licensing, franchising or a joint venture? Will it increase their market share? Will their acquisition improve their competitive position? Will it improve shareholder value? We will guide our clients to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve with an acquisition

We believe that every acquisition will be different, but our expert team normally advise entrepreneurs to find a mix of financing, which can include seller financing, term debt, and mezzanine floor and minority equity. Acquiring a business may create financial obligations and operational modifications that can drain your cash flow in the short run. Moreover, our proper planning will benefit you evaluate the impact of an acquisition on your working capital and permits you to properly structure your balance sheet.

Our expert team will do enough homework on the business you’re buying by conducting the due diligence process. Our team do research to find out why the owner is selling the business, who are its staffs and what the trends are in the industry or region where they operate etc.

Our expert team will help in post-merger integration to meet the objectives by putting in place a proper project management structure to integrate the two businesses. The first 100 days of the integration process are very important to securing the expected welfares of the acquisition. Therefore we develop a detailed plan listing what needs to be integrated and how to do it will benefit you focus on the most critical fundamentals of the process, right from the beginning.

Hence, technology can support you work smarter. Moreover, formal, system-based workflows will make your life relaxed when the time comes to integrate a new business.

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