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Do you think the first impression is the last impression to deal with all your prospective clients and customers? A prompt, smart and effective call answering service is the first step towards settling a deal with your potential clients. It definitely can bring a leakage on your efforts of the brand building if business calls went unanswered. So, call answering service is definitely an important part of your business. It provides a business value for both current and potential customers. REIT Ltd Resources provides 24/7 over the phone customer care service which serves as live answering facilities and helps create better and effective impressions before clients. We provide a smart call answering service in Bangladesh. Contact us for quality call answering service. With our effective call answering service you can get rid of the following issues:

Call Answering Service in Bangladesh

Get Prompt 24/7 call answering service


Our call answering service provides you with the live answering virtual receptionist to filter and direct calls, managing periodic high call volumes. They are smart, bilingual, and have the proper accent to answer your every call with the highest priority. A live virtual receptionist is the first point of contact for all your inbound calls who will work towards creating a positive impact on your business to every client or customer.


At REIT Ltd Resources we have an enthusiastic and dedicated over the phone customer care team who are working continuously round-the-clock for our customers. We also work on providing detailed call routing procedures so that urgent after-hours messages are conveyed to proper personnel immediately.

Premium Professional Call Answering Service

Our 24/7 live call answering service will solve all your issues regarding customers and various valuation services. In case of an emergency customer query, it is better to have a real person taking the call. It allows prompt solutions and service satisfaction at the customer’s side.

We recommend any businesses that need urgent services to have the phone customer care unit at non-regular hours and responding to the complaints. Some organizations use automated voice response systems to deal with calls after office hours, but it is always a better idea to have a live telephone conversation service instead of a voice mailing system.

Once our client, you can access 10 following Call Answering Services


In our company, 90% of all calls are answered on an average of four rings or less.  The rest land in our hold queue notifying the caller that an agent will be with them shortly.  One of things that makes us unique from other services is that our company do not charge you for any time that a call is in our hold queue.

Costs vary based on usage. Our service numbers specify that most of our live CSP, basic messaging accounts cost the customer an average of $7 – $12 per day, which is a small price to pay for 24/7/365 coverage.

Our IT Department takes amazing measures to protect our call center stays operational.  REIT LTD uses multiple redundant systems, sites and processes.  Our Companies infrastructure has been engineered to deliver redundant networks, telephony services and Customer Service Specialists. Our company’s Contact Center has been constructed in such a way to avoid any major impact due to a single disaster.

Our firm never compromise on the security of your data, credit card details, logins, and/or passwords. Moreover we have implemented strict data security procedures to guarantee complete confidentiality of your information. Our workforce is made to sign non-disclosure contracts and any data security breach is strictly penalized. You can be sure of your business security with us.

Work is began only after the receipt of payment in advance. Therefore our company has the right to terminate, suspend, or keep work on-hold in case of payment delays.

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