Outsourcing Tactical Procurement and Category Management

01. Contract Management

Outsourcing.com offers ongoing contract support, which is also includes anything from managing entire repositories to tracking extensions, rebates, and also reporting. Find out more about category management.

02. Cost Savings 

We help companies manage their suppliers more effectively, focusing on lowering risk and boosting value. We blend analytical savvy, process excellence, and cutting-edge technology in a demanding.

03. Spend Management

Our tail spend management strategy is based on real world battle tactics. To achieve long-term results, our world class purchasing and also transaction control capabilities use tried and true cost cutting tactics.

category management

In depth understanding of spend, demand, providers, and local market.

It’s about moving from a position of weakness, leverage, and effective and efficient supply category management that generates real value to one based on strength, leverage, and also effective supply category management. It is possible to convert purchasing from being a reactive, transaction base activity to a business strategic contributor by changing how purchasing effort is focus to assess the full organizational spend by groupings or categories of goods or also services.

At OutsourcingBD, Understanding markets, analyzing spend, and also driving in new purchasing agreements are all part of the category management strategy. When used correctly, category management can not only lower the cost of decided to buy goods and services, but it can also reduce risk and drastically boost the value and innovation provided by suppliers.

1. Market Research

Our source experts give market intelligence and vital insight to your team through custom configure engagement models, also allow them to make confident decisions. It has a lot of information on business intelligence.

2. Planning Of Category

By analyze important markets, analyze market trends, and finding potential price differences, our category manager and market research specialist help our clients in their budget process and also other activities.

3. Spend Management

Our tail spend management strategy is based on fight approach that have been tested in real world scenario. To achieve long term result, our world class purchase and also apply tried and true cost cutting tactics.

4. Improvement Strategy

To generate smart, category specific cost cutting strategy that save our terms of  value and add significant value, Hence we combine global acquirement best practice, and also effective processing management.

5. Creative Services

We gather rivals’ best practices and results in order to help you come up with creative ways and practices that will help you beat the competition in the market. By re focuse buying efforts to assess the overall organization spending.

Win Every Purchase With Our Category Management Services

Those who make purchasing choices and run purchasing teams need to know about our category risk management service in purchasing. It will assist you in better understanding markets, and also business necessity. As a result, you’ll be able to find and implement new, powerful source arrangements that yield consider able benefits. There are few tips to have a good buy with using management services:

  • Align Your Long-Term Plans

  • People who will use the system must be present

  • Don’t be frightened to change your mind

  • Keep trust on your data

  • Integrated solutions provide a competitive advantage.

category management

Frequently Asked Questions

Categorizing the things you buy from vendors may appear to be just another way to keep track of everything. Unless, of course, you read what is written. The key to solving ability and also speed throughout your  operations is good  management, which can make and break your efforts.

Vendor risk management is concerned with lower your company to problems caused by your vendor. Or, to put it another way, lower the possibility of your company being harmed by poor decisions made by your vendor.

Yes…Hence The findings from your market research are employed in the stage to make your procedures more effective.


Our Category Management service bundles with Strategic Sourcing that enable low cost purchases.