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If you are at this point of winding up your company for some reason, you are at the perfect landing page. Moreover, we provide you with quality winding up service. Company dissolution in Bangladesh is a tedious process. We make things easy with our as long as years of experience.

Our 3 Thorough Competitive Service

1. Filing Petition to the Court

To end up an organization by the court, hence a request must be fill the organization court of High Court Division. It is to be notice after that ending up of an business by the court will be consider to initiate from the hour of the introduction of request for twisting up. After all hearing the application the court will pass a request for ending up of the organization.

2. Notification to the recorder

In giving a wrapping up request, the solicitor and the organization are oblige to document a duplicate of the request with in general the Registrar within 30 ( thirty) days from the date of the solicitation. Then the Registrar will enlist an outline in his organization relate books after recording a duplicate of a wrapping-up request. Such as a request will be viewed as a release notice.

3. Appointment of Liquidator

The court will at this point designate an authorized vendor. Then the outlet will play out its obligations according to the Companies Act 1994. In the event of ending up by the court, above all the property and impacts of the organization will be consider to be in the care of the Court as from the date of the request for the ending up of the organization.

Our End to End Information Services For Company Dissolution

When an organization’s undertakings have been totally ended up, the Court will make a request to disintegrate the organization from the date of the request. After that the organization will be broken down as needs are. The official outlet will report the request to the enlistment center within 15 (fifteen) days of the request.  Then the enlistment center will record a moment of the organization’s disintegration in its books. We are provide you best services. Our services make easy your work.

Company Dissolution

Our 6 Services Proved How We Work For You

  • At the very beginning, you need to draft documents required by the authority.

  • Then, we will submit them to the right authority (RJSC at this point).

  • We pass the special resolution (conducted by the General Assembly) appropriately for the process.

  • After that the matter of assigning a liquidator will be informed to the appropriate authority.

  • The liquidator will prepare a dissolution report and call a in general meeting for getting approval of disposal of all official books and papers.

  • Then a further meeting will be hold and also a report of the meeting will be submit to RJSC.

  • Now, we will file a petition to the Court for winding up the company voluntarily.

1. Affordable Services

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We have an attention to detail while working. Thorough working helps us for company dissolution do it in the right manner.

3. Dissolution Experts

If you are looking for an expert team, we are here to help you with outstanding services. Rely on our expertise.

4. Friendly and Collaborative

While conducting company dissolution, you may need to talk with the service provider from time to time. Customers get us as friendly.

5. Global Know-How Work Together

Whether you are a local brand or a multinational company from abroad, you can rely on us as we have the requisite global know-how.

6. We Care About What We Do

We care about what we do. Because we believe in doing things very sincerely. So you reap the ultimate benefits of our services.

FAQs For Company Dissolution Services

The act of dissolving clossing a business entity.

You will receive the DS form via email once you purchase Company Dissolution service. We file the form on your behalf at once you return it to us.

It is included in the Company Dissolution service that we provide.

If you meet the criteria, you can apply to restore your dissolved company.

During this time and immediately after Companies House receives your application, you will not be required to file anything else with Companies House, such as the confirmation statement or annual accounts.

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