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If you are looking to incorporate your foreign company in Bangladesh, you are just at the right place. We offer complete company incorporation services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Get in touch with us today and register your company appropriately. Our incorporation, registration, and tax-related formalities services are all complimented by advice from our professionals on the ground. Our team of lawyers, company secretaries, and chartered accountants can help you start a business in and other vibrant cities by providing honest and practical advice.

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With Legal 2 Phase We Register a Company Incorporation Successfully

Phase 1: Pre-Registration

The registration process requires you to prepare documents and get certificates from several authorities. It really takes some time and effort to complete the registration process. We are here to help you with the complete Company Incorporation Services.

1. Prepare With a Detailed Plan:

At the very beginning, we sit with you for detailed meetings to better understand your business. It helps us a lot in the process of registering your company. We let you know the requirements and other details of Bangladeshi authorities. We also collect required documents at this stage.

Prepare with a detail plan
Get name clearance

2. Get Name Clearance:

Just after the preliminary preparation, we will apply for name clearance. This is the first step of registering a company in the country. At this stage, you need to find a suitable business name that is good for branding at this age of digital media. Also, the name needs to be available in the database of Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms. 

3. Prepare Required Documents:

A number of documents are required for company registration in Bangladesh. Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) are two essential documents among the pool of documents required to form a company. Our expert lawyers ensure all documents are okay for the process.

Prepare required document
Complete the bank procedure

5. Complete the Bank Procedures:

Now we handle the banking procedures required by the RJSC authority. Foreign companies intended to be shareholders of a Bangladeshi company need to open a bank account and pay the share amount to the Bangladeshi company through that account. As we help you complete the banking formalities, upon completion, you receive an encashment certificate from the bank.

6. Complete the Registration:

As we are done with the previous steps, now you need to pay the fees to RJSC through the prescribed bank of the authority. Finally, we will complete the registration from the Office of the Registrar of the Joint Stock Company (RJSC) and receive a certificate of registration from the same organization.

Complete the registration

Phase 2: Post-Registration:

As we have completed the company incorporation services process, now we have few more things to do at the post-registration phase. We need to get the following certificates from respective authorities:

Trade License from certain City Corporation or other authority if registered outside City Corporation areas.

Tax Identification Number (TIN) from National Board of Revenue (NBR)

Value Added Tax (VAT) Certificate from National Board of Revenue (NBR)

Within A Short Time We Ensure All Incorporation Process Effectively?

As indicated by the method, whenever you have gotten your name freedom, it stays legitimate for a half year. For the most part, it requires 3 working days to get name leeway.

At that point after the aggregation of the imperative records, RJSC gives a Certificate of Incorporation inside 6-8 working days.

As a rule, it requires 2-3 weeks for enlistment of the organizations from the date of accommodation of the multitude of reports to RJSC.

Parent Company

Liabilities of a parent company are limited to its shareholding attributes. However, things might be different unless the shareholders’ agreement says something else.

This type of company acts as a shadow director and is liable as a director as well.

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Without a doubt. You will have access to a 360-degree view of your firm when you enroll a company on our platform (either by forming a new company or transferring an existing company). Any firm information, including business profile details, statutory records, signed documents, forthcoming deadlines, historical filings, in-progress and finished service requests, payment details, and more, maybe viewed with a single mouse click. You can also start afresh service request based on your requirements. All the information is available at any time and from any location.

No office visit is required for any of our services because they may all be delivered over the platform. We are, however, always delighted to meet you in person. So, if you’re in Bangladesh and want to meet our staff in person, please stop by our office. Our office is open Saturday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on holidays. We recommend that you arrange your visit ahead of time.

Although we will be sorry to see you go, if you need to cancel your services for any reason, we can do so easily by issuing a cancellation request through the platform. With contracts that forbid cancellation, we do not tie you in for any minimum duration. We want you to stay with us because you enjoy our service rather than because you feel obligated to.

Yes. If you change your mind, the state in which you want to start a business will not reimburse your money. We’d like you to make a commitment to pay the state filing fees and our services up front. The good news is that this is technically what demonstrates and documents the ownership chain. You are capitalizing your firm by paying us, and you own your new company in exchange for that capitalization. In any case, it’s an amazing first step.

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