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In most jurisdictions, corporate secretarial services and compliance jobs are crucial, yet local requirements are frequently difficult and complex. With the help of our business secretarial services, you may avoid the high costs of employing a secretarial staff in your local office and the accompanying regulatory issues.

Because of our pro-active approach to corporate secretarial services & compliance support, OutsourcingBD can give clients early notice of impending filing deadlines, compliance needs, and other related operations. We offer your company the most recent corporate governance reforms that are adapted to local laws and requirements.

  • We are here to ensure our global clients that their local operations are compliant with statutory corporate secretarial services and other associated compliance obligations

  • The authority compliance we have with are the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC), Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), and City Corporation (CC).

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Expert Functions of Our Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Keeping the company’s records up to date

  • Creating and submitting returns to the regional registry

  • Sending out notifications about accounting deadlines

  • Granting access to the business’s records

  • Routine alterations, like a director’s change

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Why Hire Us For Corporate Secretarial Services?

Our corporate secretaries guarantee that the board’s processes operate properly and legally. When the administrative job is delegated to our corporate secretaries, things become incredibly simple. This happens mostly because our corporate secretaries are skilled at managing this kind of office work carefully. Another benefit of working with a professional firm like Outsourcingbd for corporate secretarial services is that we free up your business’s time, which can then be used to enhance your main business operations.

Our Corporate Secretarial Services Take Care Of Your Record Keeping

  • Our business secretarial services include Setting up the chief’s report that involves managing the sales record inside a company.

  • We maintain moment books and legal register books for Chiefs, individuals, supervisors, secretaries, reviewers, and offer exchanges.

  • OutsourcingBD’s Corporate Secretarial Services involve appropriating the organization’s yearly reports, between time articulations, and records.

  • Our corporate secretaries investigate improvements in corporate administration and help the chiefs with their obligations and duties.

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Make Your Business More Faster With Our 6 Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Providing corporate secretarial services for the preparation of counter foils, the issue of share certificates, and the completion of share certificates.

  • Advisory services for keeping track of different registers related to corporate secretarial matters.

  • Share registers, share transfer registers, and Board of Directors registers for minutes, attendance at meetings, general meetings, and extraordinary general meetings.

  • OutsourcingBD provide assistance with day-to-day company secretarial tasks, such as reminding clients to comply with deadlines.

  • Drafting meeting notices, agendas, resolutions, and minutes with input from authorized company representatives.

  • Preparing and submitting forms and papers for RJSC, including adding signed paperwork to company records.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Company secretarial services are a provision of contractual and legal services to aid in the management of the companies that they are custodians of for businesses and their boards of directors.
  2. Administration and Company Formation.
  3. Compliance with Statutes and Filings.
  4. Meetings.

Here are our top 6 concerns that we believe a company secretary may have, along with suggestions for how to address them.

  1. Recognize the industry. Each organization and board is unique.
  2. Obligations to Report.
  3. Recognizing their position on the board.
  4. Establishing a relationship with the other board members.
  5. Assisting the chairman.
  6. Vague boundaries.

A high school diploma or GED certification and previous office experience are often prerequisites for becoming a corporate secretary. To increase your chances of landing a job, you can also get an administrative certificate or an associate’s degree in business administration.

It is a procedure that verifies the company’s compliance to specific corporate laws, rules, and regulations. However, secretarial audits make it easier for management and stakeholders to enhance the efficacy of risk management and safeguards.

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Wide range of corporate secretarial services to keep on top of corporate governance.

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