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01. Legalization

A copyright is a legal right. It protects the copying of someone’s creative work. Copyright registration in Bangladesh gives monetary rights to the creator. So that they earn from their creation by making copies, publishing in public, distributing their work with the public, etc.

02. Registration

Need to register copyright in Bangladesh? We are a professional team of copyright experts. We offer a complete copyright registration service in Bangladesh. Get in touch with us today and register copyright without facing any hassle.

03. Copyright Protection

Proving your own copyright product is often more difficult than you can imagine. OutsourcingBD can assist you on the platform of copyright protection, trademark registration, and patent laws to secure your ownership of the copyright.

04. Authorship Protection

This service firm can help you register original files of your own works with genuine date and time stamps. Adding up information like proof of work concept and development means that you have undeniable proof of authorship & ownership.

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You need to submit the following documents  in order to apply for copyright:

When the Registrar receives the copyright application, then he will send notice of acknowledgment to every person who has any interest in this subject matter of that application.

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01. Legal Support

Copyright refers to the legal support individual creators of dramatic, literary, musical, artistic works, producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings enjoy protecting their work against infringement.

02. Diverse Ownership

It is an indivisible property for intellectuals like business entrepreneurs, writers, artists, designers, musicians, architects, dramatists, software engineers, cinematographers for their ownership.

03. Commercial Use

On the basis of approved ownership, they can utilize it commercially and continue to create more of such products or services. Copyright services guarantee certain safeguards of the rights of authors.

04. Registration 

In Bangladesh, the copyright office is responsible for maintaining the registration of the copyrighted works. Any application for registration modification should be made to the Registrar.

05. Product Management

OutsourcingBD advises and assist local and foreign companies on copyright laws. Our company includes copyright and patent solutions on a wide variety of product management and services.

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When the client receives the copyright registration, he/she gets full rights to his work. But still, corruption may occur. OutsourcingBD monitors all the time if there is any kind of infringement occurring at any point. Here are three kinds of remedies against infringement of copyright according to the legal policy. These are:

Civil Remedies

The copyright owners can seek civil actions. Here genuine owners can ask for reliefs such as Anton Pillar Order injunction, accounts, and damages. So, in case of any infringement of copyright, you have to appeal it to the district court.

Criminal Remedies

Criminal proceedings are available in order to penalize the persons or any business entity who have violated the copyright law. The criminal remedies can cause seizure of infringing copies, the imposition of fines, imprisonment, or both.

Administrative Remedies

Administrative remedies incorporate moving to the registrar of copyrights to halt the import of infringing copies into Bangladesh. You must seek administrative remedies as soon as the copy infringement occurrence is known importation.

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Copyright Registration
FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQs For Copyright Registration Services

Yes. Copyright is a self-evident international right that is recognized all around the world. We can supply proof to support your argument anywhere in the world because our registration enables independent verification of your work.

No, copyright does not apply to names, titles, or short words on their own. If they are integrated with photos and/or graphical design elements, they can be registered as a logo or graphical design through the CRS. You might be able to trademark a name, a title, or a short phrase. The institutions in charge of these concerns vary by country, so you should get guidance from an IP lawyer in your home country.

Yes. Each work that is registered incurs a minor administrative fee. This varies depending on how long you want to keep your registration active.

If there is a difficulty uploading your file, your work will be protected as soon as it is successfully uploaded to our system, or as soon as it is received by us by email. You should be able to upload your file as soon as you finish registration as long as it is in excellent condition. Within minutes after finishing the registration process, work is frequently secured.

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