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You’ll notice news media raise questions about whether Bangladesh is a tax-friendly country. The rate of corporate tax is 25% for public companies while it’s 32.5 for non-listed companies. Experts say the corporate tax is high in Bangladesh. 

In such a situation, we can help you with managing your corporate taxes in a way that reduces the hassles and keep your business safe from tax issues. 

REIT Ltd Resources is one of the leading Corporate Tax Service Provider in Bangladesh. We assist our clients to prepare tax returns and pay their business tax on time

The filing of corporate tax returns can be cumbersome and can divert you from core operations. As a reliable tax consultancy partner, we can act as your personalized tax calculator and income tax processing department to help you boost profits with minimal operating costs.

Corporate income tax needs to be paid on overall business income in Bangladesh. Corporate or business income refers to the profit that has raised or accrued from conducting any business or trade in Bangladesh. 

Under the law of the company tax, it also adds the value of any benefit or perquisites that the business has come across within the relevant tax year in Bangladesh. Our tax preparation service would ensure that our client always remains compliant with the taxation laws as well as filing your business tax within the right schedule.

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Accounting Method Of Corporate Tax

The method of tax accounting services in Bangladesh is quite similar to the International Accounting Services. A company should carry out audits according to the Bangladesh auditing Standards.

A business also needs to prepare an audit of the financial statements in accordance with Bangladesh Accounting Standards and Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards. The regulation also includes submission or filing of the tax return in Bangladesh.

Businesses That Are Subject to Tax Return in Bangladesh?

Every Company, Branch office, Representative office, Liaison office, Joint Venture Company (JV) registered in Bangladesh must file an annual tax return to the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Be Benefited Using Our Professional Corporate Tax Services

Our professional service includes advising on withholding tax while paying your supplier’s timely deposition of tax. 

The services include preparing and submitting withholding tax, income tax rebates, adjusting the tax, submitting tax returns before the deadline, etc.

Corporate Tax Rates In Bangladesh

The amount of corporate tax rate depends on the net income of a company. The benchmark that we have used refers to the highest rate for Corporate Income. Revenues from the Corporate Tax Rate are one of the important sources of income for the government of Bangladesh. 

The tax law follows the same corporate rate structure without major changes. It imposes income tax at 25% on listed entities and 35% on non-listed entities.

Corporate Tax Rates In Bangladesh
Income tax return form

Income Tax Return Form

The income tax return form or IT-11GHA 2016 in Bangladesh contains 6 parts.

  • Part I includes the basic information like names, your auditors, type of business in Bangladesh, details of the tax year, etc.

  • Part II undertake Particulars of Income and Tax like the amount of business tax, amount of income from business in Bangladesh, advance tax, minimum tax in Bangladesh, and details of tax refund in Bangladesh, etc.

  • Part III takes into account the Particulars of Tax Benefits like the amount of income tax exemption in Bangladesh, tax rebate, etc.

  • Part IV covers principal figures of Financial Statements.

  • Part V incorporates other Particulars like affiliated entities, bank accounts, etc.

  • PART VI comprises Instruction, Enclosures, and Verification.