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Take advantage from our E-Documents services. We provides reliable, secure and certified data to improve your data security and reduce cost. An electronic doc, or e-documents, is a computerized record that replaces an actual copy or printout. E-docs, like PDFs, is simpler to share, sort out, and work together on, regardless of whether groups are in a similar office or dispersed across the globe. We are faithfully work with our honorable client..

  • Managing paper documents is a tedious job. Yet, in this age of neo-normal after the COVID-19 outbreak, smart companies are adopting e-documents instead of paper documents. We provide you with hassle-free e-document service in Bangladesh and beyond.

  • Our integrated system enables us to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your documentation issues.

E-Document Provider in Bangladesh

Why We Are Best For E-Documents And Electronic Signature

You frequently hear the expression “paperless” being tossed around in business news. In case you’re an establishment managing countless actual archives, the idea of going paperless may either energize you or make you wary.

In the event that you’re important for the last mentioned, this post will help you slide into moving into a paperless office setup by featuring the business benefits.

You will get the more advantage from our e-documents services. Such as…

Why Should You Go With Our E-Documents and Electronic Signature
You Will Be More Efficient at Work

You Will Be More Efficient At Work With Us

Preparing actual records consistently requires a great deal of exertion. Register the time it took you to print those reports individually, have the records marked, set up the archives for sending and sit tight for the mail center or the messenger to arrive at your beneficiary. 

The absolute time would be the measure of time you can save with the assistance of Digital Signatures. When you set up a record utilizing an archive altering programming, you should simply sign it utilizing a Digital Signature and email the report to your beneficiary.

Our 4 Aside Cash Paper Supply Costs

Computerized Signatures will save you an extraordinary arrangement on paper supplies. By doing your record handling on the web, you’ll be saving at any rate 10,000 pieces of paper yearly. You’ll likewise be cutting printing charges and support, something most organizations might want to get off their backs. Furthermore, finally, you will save yourself space in your office when cumbersome drawers are supplanted with reduced hard drives or helpful distributed storage from our e-documents service. With a couple of snaps, you will get the report you need directly before your screen rather than interminable rifling through paper put away documents.

Set aside cash from paper supply costs

Make Your Business More Faster Than Ever With Our 4 Excellent Services

Envision if all organizations embrace Digital Signatures. Just as the inner business being improved, business to deals will happen quicker than at any other time. Installments will be simpler to make and deals citations and solicitations will be gotten right away. The measure of time spent in handling agreements will be cut definitely, permitting more business activities and arrangements to be concluded in a short measure of time. In the event that you handle various archives without a moment’s delay, you will not have to crush your spirit marking them all. All things considered, you can carefully sign various reports with only a couple of snaps of your mouse.

Make your business move faster than ever

We Include 4 More Services For Give Your Business Better Solution

What’s more, with a quick plan of action, definitive victors would be the clients. Who would not like to get the things they need precisely when they need it? Hanging tight an ideal opportunity for buy reports would be a relic of times gone by. Presently, your clients can sign their orders any place they are. You can get your solicitations, conveyance structures, and different records you need to take into account your clients twice as quickly, all in the solace of your representative office. So if you come into contact with our services, you can provide your customer the better services.

give your customer better services

Secure Your Transactions And Documents With Our 4 Valuable Services

Any gifted scalawag can fashion your mark. Computerized Signatures eliminate that worry by having your electronic character and marking accreditation confirmed by an outsider organization called a Certificate Authority (like GlobalSign). They will ensure that the one sending the mark is you and that you are to be sure a genuine individual from the organization you address. Consider it a digitalized public accountant of your mark. Besides that, numerous Digital Signatures accompany a timestamp highlight, checking the specific time and date the archive was agreed upon.

Secure your transaction and documents

8 Benefits Of Our E-Documents System:

1.Develop your business process.
2.Save your valuable time.
3.Reduce the cost.
4.Fast return on investment.

4. Better version control.
5. Collaboration is simply easier.
6. Delate task with no added value.
7. Safely stored in a data.

FAQs For E-documents Services

Customers of Outsourcing.com.bd have access to important account documentation automatically via the E-Documents system. If you would like to no longer receive paper statements or confirmations, please log into your Outsourcing.com.bd account. You Can get your e document.

We store your documents safely in the online office program. You can access your accounts by logging in as usual.

Our E-Documents system uses the PDF file format, which is the industry standard and the BD Government documents are handled by . You will need the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to view PDF documents. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your system, you can download it.

It takes about five minutes to complete the signing process.

Your document is secure, stable, online authentication system built using high-tech, standards-based protocols.

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