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Our e-payslips solution will reduce your payroll costs, ensure full compliance with GDPR regulation. We also provides full traceable audit trials and will connect easily to your existing payroll software without modification.The world is rolling with the reality of COVID-19 and neo-normal. The paperless world is approaching faster than ever. We offer e-payslip from Bangladesh.Our e-Payslip arrangement permits workers to access and view their current and chronicled payslips, in addition to data like P60s. With shrewd gadgets presently being the standard, workers currently have web access all day, every day, and permitting them to get to their compensation slip data online is definitely more advantageous than posting paper payslips. Our E-Payslips solution provide a wide variety of benefits for your project management.

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Get 3 Benefits for the Employers:

  1. This saves the expenses of paper and postage of the leader as neither output is needed nor it’s needed to post to the workers because of all the work being on-line.
  2. It doesn’t need paper and ink that doesn’t hurt the atmosphere. If you’re associate degree eco-conscious workers then you may sure as shooting appreciate this step towards ‘going greener’.
  3. Due to all the knowledge being on-line, it’s safer and it can’t be seen by any person except the worker and also the leader.
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Enjoy 3 Benefits for the Employees:

  1. A worker will see his record on-line anytime or anyplace with the assistance of his phone or mobile, without having any further instrumentality
  2. Employees may also read their terribly recent payslips and might transfer or print them if required. in order that he will use it as a shred of proof within the cases like loans or mortgages, etc.
  3. Instead of repeatedly finding out payslips in almirahs, he will simply realize his record by merely working his id. this may save each, his time and exertions.

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We are the pioneer in Bangladesh as an E-Payslip provider. As the world moves to become paperless and COVID-19 paved the way to the paperless world, we initiated E-Payslip as a service at the very beginning. Therefore, we have gained unique experience as the pioneer of E-Payslip service in the country. We can help you by increasing your business process.

  1. We save your time.
  2. Lower the cost.
  3. Fast Return on investment.
  4. Securely store in data.
  5. Better version control.
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    No, the E-Payslip is just an alternative way that you receive notification of your salary. Your salary will still be transferred directly into your bank account or your present method of payment. It does not in any way touch the amount you receive as your salary or your pension.

    Yes, E-Payslips can be printed in the similar way that you would print any other document when using a pdf viewer. As with any confidential information, it is optional that caution is applied when using shared printers, or printers in shared workplaces or public areas.

    Yes. You will be paid even if, due to technical any difficulties, you are unable to access your E-Payslip.

    If you wish to enquiry any part of your E-Payslip please send us email or call our representatives.

    No. You will still be paid regardless of whether or not you have observed your E-Payslip. However, it is recommended that all employees view their pay slips on a regular basis, to check that payments and deductions are accurate.

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