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Employee onboarding is a comprehensive process that helps a new employee get the necessary information, skills, tools, etc., and socialize in the organization. It seeks to make a new employee insider in the hiring organization. Therefore we provide you with a smart employee onboarding service to help you streamline your recruitment and talent management.

Smart Employee Onboarding Service

Maximize Performance With Our 8 Successful Employee Onboarding Process

As a professional employee onboarding service provider, we help you with the complete process.  We have developed a process to help you efficiently onboard new employees. Here’s how we work:


Optimize the Online and Offline Touchpoints:

You are a company in the age of digital. So, think of the digital touchpoints first as the new employees will get in touch with them at the very beginning. Take care of the offline touchpoints as well. We optimize the career page of your website, job description, employee manual/ HR manual, etc.


Prepare the Colleagues:

At this phase, we prepare the colleagues for the new employees. We send announcement emails telling who is coming, what they will be doing in the company, what their experiences are, etc. These pieces of information help the colleagues prepare for the new employee.


Get the Workstation Ready:

We prepare the workstation for the new employees ahead of time so we don’t have to hurry when they join. We also think of any materials they the new employees might need for working in the company. It keeps us safe from messing up things.


First Day Introduction:

Similarity with the workplace has a significant, regular effect on representatives. Workspace similarity could even show an applicant’s general similarity with your organization’s culture and work styles. On the very first day, we introduce the new employees to the other colleagues.


Orientation in the First Week:

The first days are very significant for the new employees. Make great impressions at this time. Let the new hires know how leaders are created here. Introduce them to the successful leaders and top performers in the company. We also let them know their stories. It helps them project their own future in the company.


Employee Engagement and Team Building:

At this phase, we perform some employee engagement and team-building activities. A lunch session together is a great way to get introduced and feel at home. An exciting internal game can make the whole team including the new employees feel excited.


Training Sessions in the Early Days:

We conduct training sessions in the early days of recruitment. It helps new employees learn more about their role, the company in general, expectations, etc. Ultimately, it makes them more productive and dedicated to their work.


Set Up HR Software:

As a smart employee onboarding firm, we set up top-grade software in your company (if you don’t already have it). Or, if you already have software, we integrate the new employees on the software. We also make sure that all the new hires are competent to use common tools of the company.

Create an Exceptional Onboarding Experience With Our Employee Onboarding Services

FAQs For Employee Onboarding Servics

Some businesses have comprehensive competency profiles that detail all of the skills required. Others only have a broad job description. Knowing the scope of the content and the amount of information offered will help you estimate how much time it will take to design the program structure and content.

This is a question of long-term viability and quality. Hiring trainers and coaches to manage onboarding programs makes sense for large firms, but it quickly becomes prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses. Managers and local L&D teams are the most popular approach, but this necessitates a systematic train-the-trainer program to ensure consistent learning and results.

Measurement of performance is an important but frequently overlooked aspect of onboarding. You won’t know when they’re ready for the field until you track their skills and progress. Also, not all new recruits work out; it’s preferable to identify this early on, before they begin dealing with product or customers.

Conduct a formal HR onboarding meeting in which you go through things like benefit enrollment, business holidays and policies, company structure, team culture, and your organization’s goal, mission, and values. (Only if they’ve been formally documented.)

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