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We assist international visitors with the processing of their work permit visas so they can travel to Bangladesh for business or employment purposes. Although international business travel is an unavoidable aspect of modern business, it seems that the legislation and application procedures for employment visas are becoming more complicated. As a result, going through these policies and procedures can take a while. Because of this, so many of our business clients depend on us as their partners for business travel. Because we provide a comprehensive work permit processing service that aids clients in navigating the work permit visa application process.

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Compliance With Relevant Authorities

If you’re a foreigner seeking employment in Bangladesh, you must first submit an application for a work permit visa to one of three government agencies that are appropriate to your area of work.

These are listed below:

  • For employees of private sector industrial enterprises outside of the Export Processing Zone, there is Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).

  • For personnel working in export processing zones, Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA)

  • The NGO Affairs Bureau, for people working for any humanitarian or non-profit organizations.

  • Even if our consulting company provides you with support and details on each step of the work permit visa procedure, it’s crucial that you do your own independent study on the subject.

  • You have the right to make a choice after carefully weighing all of your options, any obligations established by the state or your employees, and any necessary information.

  • If you choose to use our services, we will work with you to make the work permit visa obtaining procedure simple and straightforward based on your choices.

Complete Guideline For Application By BIDA

Private industrial businesses that want to hire foreign workers must apply for work permit visas at BIDA.

The rules established by BIDA are as follows:

  • Your staff must be a citizen of a nation that Bangladesh recognizes as acceptable for employment.

  • Only business or manufacturing enterprises that have been approved by the relevant authority are allowed to hire expatriate workers.

  • Only positions for which local workers are not qualified may be considered for hiring foreign nationals.

  • The employee must be at least 18 years old to qualify.

  • The employer must submit the board of directors’ choice for new hires.

  • The maximum percentage of foreign workers is 20 percent for the commercial sector and 5 percent for the industrial sector.

  • The foreigner will be taken into consideration for one year, after which time it can be extended on the basis of merit.

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs must approve the work permit visa application for security reasons.

Enjoy Our Premium Work Permit Visa Services

We assist both you and your company in identifying and obtaining all necessary paperwork for the process of obtaining a work permit visa for Bangladesh.

Our experts can assist you in expediting your E-Visa application while ensuring that you are appealing for the right work permit visa type and satisfy all conditions.

We can offer professional consultations that will enable you to easily and conveniently obtain a work permit visa after you arrive with your visa.

Our assistance will be there to guide you with any issues you encounter during the process of applying for a work permit visa.

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Get Your Eligibility Assessed By Our Expert Team

Once the Bangladeshi work permit visa has been obtained in full, your identity document will then have a printed copy of the visa sticker attached to it on an entire page. Check the details carefully for any spelling errors, probable legitimacy, and other issues, if it’s not too much trouble.

A work permit visa may be issued for a maximum of three (03) months in one, two, or several portions. The longest stay in this category is 90 days for each visit. The Bangladeshi Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) offers augmentations up to three (03) years. Please be aware that the validity of the work permit visa begins on the date of issue, not the date of relocation, as indicated by the structure of your application.

A person who worked for a local or unfamiliar government, semi-government, mechanical, company, or other organizations of a similar nature in Bangladesh.

Individuals identified in Bangladesh under government/semi-government project employee transportation and in related associations

A person who intends to carry out privileged labor (uncompensated) with Accredited NGOs in Bangladesh.

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    To get a work permit visa under section R208 with exemption number H82, the holding of a temporary residence permit valid for at least 6 months is necessary. The work permit expiration date must not be later than the temporary resident permit expiration date.

    The applicant’s circumstances are frequently a factor in the grounds for denials. However, in general, the following explanations can lead to the issuance of a rejection letter: You failed to provide evidence that you could successfully do the job you’re applying for.

    All foreign nationals looking for paid work in Bangladesh must have a current work permit. Bangladeshi nationals are given preference for employment, and these licenses are typically taken into consideration for tasks for which local experts are either unable or unavailable.

    Because it is temporary and subject to expiration, this type of employment authorization differs from residency or citizenship.  Additionally, in some cases, losing your work permit results in you losing your legal status.

    If the applicant’s request for an extension is denied, they are still regarded to be in good standing until the day their application is decided. The date of refusal marks the start of the 90-day early renaissance outlined in section R182.

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