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Export& import registration certificate in Bangladesh is one of the greatest essential document for commencement international business. Now Bangladesh is one of the leading export & import. Except having export& import registration certificate nobody can export& import Bangladeshi merchandise to foreign country. So anyone can export & import any permit item without any value and restriction any authority in Bangladesh but the export & import registration certificate is want for the of export& import of the same. In Bangladesh, the chief controller of export and import which is a separate organization under the ministry of commerce expression these export& import certificate. Bangladesh Govt. for real cheer up to enterprising foreign and local entrepreneur who wants to set-up export& import oriented business sector into the country.

Recently Govt. enlarge some export& import procedure collar for disseminate export& import business of Bangladeshi merchandise export& import business of Bangladeshi merchandise export& import business of Bangladeshi merchandise into the world. If someone wants to found export& import oriented in Bangladesh at first exigent to collect trade license, then exigent to collect export& import registration certificate. However, export& import registration certificate is a mandatory document for business existence who are wishful of exporting & importing any other individual items from Bangladesh.

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7 Step Process of Getting An Obtain Export & Import Registration Certificate In Bangladesh

The List of document that need to be export & import registration certificate in Bangladesh:

1. Attested photocopy valid trade license.

2. Attested photocopy of membership certificate from local industry or pertinent trade association.

3. A VAT registration certificate.

4. Including taxpayer’s identification number.

5. Original copy bank deposit of treasure challan

6. Bank solvency certificate of company’s account.

7. Attested copy of joint registration agreement.

8. Attested copy of company incorporation certificates.

9. Details pertaining list of employees, their salary and nationality of the company.

10. Attested copy of memorandum of association and articles of associations.

11. An office rent agreement.

12. Citizenship certificate of the directors by the word commissioner.

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Estimated procedure time for issuance of ERC& IRC is four to five working days and renewal of ERC & IRC is requisite to be every year. If you are renewal of ERC & IRC, you need documents of original copy of ERC& IRC and treasury challan. The applicant is requisite to arrange the above-mentioned documents and deposit the yearly renewal free at Bangladesh bank or sonali bank with scheduled government fee at TK 5000. It is renewal time limitation is 4-5 working days.

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FAQs For Export & Import Services

There is no universal answer to this problem. The answer depends entirely on the industry in which you work.

Educating yourself will make the process easier for you. For a broad overview of international trade processes, I always suggest attending our import/export seminars.

If you need assistance with the licensing or importation process, our advisors are ready to help. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this process, and you can always get help.

There are many questions we receive about this. A simple answer isn’t possible! If a trader is considering setting up an export business, the first step is to get market information. Export ventures succeed when they have an in-depth understanding of the commodity in the export market. This includes local competition, trends, etc.

Yes. Even if you are just starting out, it pays to align yourself with local regulations from the beginning.

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