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Getting an export/import registration certificate in Bangladesh is essential for businesses in certain situations. The process of obtaining an export or import registration certificate is a bit complex. However, as we are experts in this matter, we offer hassle-free acquisition of export/import registration certificates. OutsourcingBD assists foreign investors to complete all required procedures to fulfill the registration for acquiring an Export/Import Certificate to start a business in Bangladesh.


We are a full-service corporate law practice that tries to provide a broad variety of services to clients rather than concentrating on a single field of law. It is one of Bangladesh’s largest and most well-known law companies, providing customers with legal assistance that matches their needs and expectations, including both domestic and international clients. We offer a wide range of services relating to business formation, Export/Import Registration Certificate, IRC, name clearing, VAT, TIN, and trade licenses.

To achieve the necessary Export/Import Registration Certificate there often requires product testing and certification by an independent accredited body. As a trusted partner in assisting you to obtain export and import certifications we offer you our professional skill combined with all the necessary accreditation. Our export and import certification services can help you:

  • Ensure proper regulatory compliance for your products and meet the requirements document that you need to operate smoothly

  • Identify the theory of diverse certification and the various steps you need to take in order to comply

  • Obtain the import certificates, permits, export-import certificates, and licenses that you need for your products so that you can reach new markets.

Export/Import Registration Certificate

In Legal Process We Ensure Export/Import Registration Certificate For Your Highest Improvement

There are some procedures for a business to obtain an export/import registration certificate in Bangladesh. One can see the legal policy for the acquisition of this certificate in The Export/Import Policy Order 2015-18.

With 6 Successful Process We Ensure The Certificate That Approves Export/Import Goods Legally 

Export or Import Registration Certificate is mandatory for any foreign business entity to export or import any domestic goods in Bangladesh without restriction on value and quantity. To apply for an export or import certificate there are some prerequisite procedures to follow to acquire.
01. Planning Phase

OutsourcingBD assist you in every step from the beginning to the end to make your foreign company operate smoothly in Bangladesh like the other local companies. Without company incorporation, It is impossible to acquire an Export/Import Registration Certificate.

02. Incorporation

The first step is the company incorporation process in Bangladesh. The business should be a limited liability company. It can be 100% foreign-owned, subsidiary, or joint venture. Once you have received the certified copies, you can apply for a Trade License and Income Tax certificate.

03. Bank Certificate

After receiving the license, you can request to issue a “Bank Certificate” to the scheduled banks. When you have finally got a “Bank certificate” along with certified documents (RJSC), tax certificate, office rent agreement copy, you can apply for the “VAT” license.

04. Documentation

Submit all your VAT licenses and other paperwork you have got to the personnel of the Chamber of Commerce. (Dhaka Chamber of Commerce, BGMEA, BKMEA, Bangladesh India Chamber of commerce, Bangladesh German Chamber of commerce, China Bangladesh chamber of commerce, Foreign Investor’s chamber of commerce, etc.

05. ERC Application

Now, for applying to the export-import department, you have to submit a government fee as recommended for the export-import yearly receipt along with the copies of all the above-acquired licenses and documents. You will get your export/import certificate within 7 to 10 working days after thorough verifications and official approvals. You will get your export/import certificate within 7 to 10.

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQs For Export/Import Registration Certificate Services

Importing or providing products for personal use does not require an IEC code. The Import Export Code is only required for commercial and corporate purposes. Importing and exporting items for personal use is not subject to any registration requirements.

The IEC registration is a one-time registration that is valid for the rest of one’s life. As a result, the IEC code does not need to be renewed.

Obtaining a valid IEC code from the authorities usually takes 2-3 working days after going to submit an application with the required data.

Import Export Codes are permanent and valid for life, therefore they do not need to be renewed or updated. They are active until the business closes or the registration is ceded.

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