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As the financial changes are growing very fast in competitive market, property values or capital assets are affected by it. Trade valuation is the key now a days to assess company’s commerce worth. If client thinking of offering a part of commerce or to amalgamate with another company in Bangladesh trade valuation plays a vital role. If there is any kind of corruption in organization, proprietors or speculators have to face the adversity. There are many companies you will find in market who are giving one sided valuation reports.


On other hand OutsourcingBD Assets is offering neutral, skilled and third-party capital resource administration. It helps supplier by providing accurate explanations of longstanding implementation of projects and the esteem of particular resources. Moreover, our managements operate objective methods to evaluate principal structure, promote esteem of capitals, forthcoming appealing potential and many others. In addition to this our company deal an extensive run of valuation managements in the most reliable ways.

Well- Structured Portfolio Management Service

OutsourcingBD Resources updates procedures and expands implementation with data-driven portfolio examination, financial services, pioneer broadcasting, scheme with knowledge, compliance, valuation, floating money and many more. Moreover, producing the right finance or accounting choices is tougher than anything presently. Therefore, looking for the time to supervise ventures feasibly and up to date with the whole thing that’s running within the world of contributing can be wearisome in today’s speeding markets. Contact us for portfolio management services in Bangladesh.

The well designed and very upfront venture handle that we forcefully receive is the important to actual investments. Although our clients move largely in their money-related situations and conjecture destinations, the one point we convey to our client is to take monetary peace of intellect. As because our firm is committed to being honest and up-front with respect to desired profits, risks, expenditures, and our competencies as venture managers. Moreover, our company strive to support our boundary as managements with those of our customers, to solve possible clashes, and to promise we are functioning towards giving.


Yes. All investments comprise a certain amount of risk, containing the possible erosion of the main amount invested, which varies reliant on the security selected. For example, investments in small and mid-sized corporations tend to include more risk than investments in bigger companies.

Apart from cash, the customer can also hand over a current portfolio of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to a Portfolio Manager that could be revamped to suit his profile. In contrast, the Portfolio Manager may at his personal sole discretion, sell the said current securities in favor of new investments.

The tax liability of a Portfolio Management Service investor would continue the same as if the investor is accessing the capital market directly. However, the investor should consult his tax advisor for the similar. The Portfolio Manager preferably provides audited statement of accounts at the end of the fiscal year to support the investor in evaluating his/ her tax liabilities.

REIT has research analysis on an institutional basis related to large investment firms. We are not an investment assembly line applying the work of others. Our boutique nature allows us to perform high quality, independent, fundamental research in-house. In doing so, we take whole ownership of our decisions and guarantee a cost effective approach for our clients.

Our clients delegate complex essential tasks so that they can focus on their career and/or passions.

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