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Whether you need to pay tax as a person or a business, it always takes some quality effort. From calculating to documentation, the total process is a bit tricky. However, all these become very easy when you hire us as your tax consultant. REIT Ltd Resources is a tax consultancy firm in Bangladesh. We provide complete solutions to all your financial accounting & bookkeeping needs.


We have extensive local work experience in managing both direct and indirect taxation in Bangladesh. Our strong expertise in tax litigation and dispute resolutions relating to central indirect taxes such as central excise duty and customs, service tax, state indirect taxes such as VAT, entry tax, etc, direct taxes & corporate taxation matters for the future of your company.


We provide the best Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping services in Bangladesh. The company assures services that synchronize with your needs. Our comprehensive tax compliance services ensure on-time tax submission. It also ensures correct rates, deadline management, and up-to-date reporting. We do this on behalf of our clients.

To Truly Seize Every International Business Opportunity We Ensure Tax Assistance Services & Compliance

One of the major things that concern businesses in Bangladesh is Tax Compliance. This is because the regulator is constantly increasing tax rates, scrutiny, and legislation to ensure higher state earnings. Consequently, businesses need to ensure absolute compliance with local regulations to avoid any sort of admonition. Tax rates and the imposing regulations are changing almost every year by the order of Income Tax Ordinance 1984.

For this reason, several tax issues are arising in Bangladesh. Many companies in Bangladesh often fail to comply with prevailing taxation rules. As a result, they face severe fiscal measures. One can resolve all these issues with the help of our reliable taxation services in Bangladesh.

Difficult taxation situations may arise sometimes due to confusion and misunderstanding of the law and regulatory compliance. We, at REIT Ltd Resources, provide Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping in Bangladesh with the help of our group of tax attorneys, income tax attorneys, tax lawyers, income tax practitioners, tax representatives, tax professionals, and tax accountants in Bangladesh to assist you in providing top-notch tax assistance services in Bangladesh.

In the context of Bangladesh, there is a varied range of taxes prevailing, the major of them are:

  1. Customs Duties
  2. Personal income taxes
  3. Corporate income taxes
  4. Value-Added-Tax (VAT)
  5. Supplementary Duty

Complexities that arise during the tax return filing situation includes, the followings:

  1. The difficulty of filing the return
  2. Confusion in keeping track of information with the previous year’s return
  3. Procedural issues concerning the submission of the return in tax circle office etc.
tax assistance services

This business comes with expertise solutions for people who are facing complexity during filing a return. It helps professionals regarding the issue to formulate returns with correct and accurate amounts. This will ensure fewer possible future problems in the relevant fields.

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions Enable Quick Decision Making, Seize Opportunities & Fasten Growth

REIT Ltd Resources has vast expertise in providing professional Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping services. The company has been providing quality services in relevant tax return fields for quite a long time. Our taxation services include:

  • 1.Income Tax Appeals

  • 2. Preparing and filing of annual corporate tax return
  • 3. Submitting periodic direct and indirect tax filings
  • 4. Analyzing and submitting periodic withholding of direct and indirect tax filings
  • 5. Attending to notices/hearings from Tax Authorities
  • 6. Planning of Income-tax as per the taxation rules and policy of Bangladesh
  • 7. Supporting clients to face audits of National Board of Revenue
  • 8. Filing of tax returns of the clients
  • 9. Acquiring Federal Tax ID/ Taxation Identification number for client

  • 10. Preparing tax return regarding the income tax laws in Bangladesh

  • Filing of late/pending tax return

  • Filing of amended tax returns

  • Counseling clients on income tax

  • Representing clients to face the department of taxation

  • Regular taxation compliance:

  • Monthly return on Tax deducted at source

  • Quarterly return on foreign remittance

  • Quarterly report on accounts

  • Monthly report on withholding tax

  • The annual audit report, Income tax return, and accounts preparation

  • Other reporting regulations issued for various organization

In 3 Special Ways Our Accounting & Taxation Experts Support & Guide Your Business Operations

our tax assistance service work for you

1. We are a Team of Taxation Experts:

As an expert taxation team, we provide complete tax Assistance services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2. Our Experience Makes Us Different:

Our robust experiences make us different from other service providers in the country.

3. We Value Your Privacy:

We value your privacy and handle everything professionally. Work with us without any worries.

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

FAQs For Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping

All major accounting and payroll software systems are backed by us. Our technological competence and personnel training facilities enable us to quickly embrace new technologies and deliver with the new software. Sage, IRIS, CCH, VT Software, Xero, Thomson Reuters, QuickBooks, TaxCalc, FreeAgent, and Moneysoft are some of the major software packages we use. We are, however, technology agnostic and can handle any accounting program that our clients currently use.

You can offer us one job worth up to ten hours of work to accomplish for free in order to test our service without spending to anything.

Yes, we can register you with the Department of Revenue as well as prepare and file your sales tax returns for you.

We charge a set monthly cost for regular service clients.

Hourly billing is used for project work.

Tax returns are priced according to the forms and schedules that are attached to the return.

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