Mitigate Risks & Highlights Opportunities In Transactions With Our Financial and Legal Due Diligence Services

01. Financial Viability 

OutsourcingBD helps foreign investors to do business in Bangladesh. They provide an overview of Financial and Legal Due Diligence systems that can facilitate doing business in Bangladesh. Our comprehensive review and report of activities affect a deal’s profitability and long-term financial viability services we offer.

02. Market Insight

The company provides overviews of foreign investment, currency regulations, and incentives. This also includes restrictions and liabilities. The purpose of Financial and Legal Due Diligence is to provide a complete guideline to improve the odds that the foreign merger or acquisition company will become successful.

Get Quality Financial Services

We Manage 21 Financial and Legal Due Diligence Analysis and Reporting 

  • 1. Public filings

  • 2. Analysis of cash flow

  • 3. Customer changes

  • 4. Expense trends

  • 5. Pricing structure

  • 6. Accounts receivables

  • 7. Distribution channels

  • 8. Management letters

  • 9. Annual financial statement

  • 10. Restrictions of cash

  • 11. Available fixed assets

  • 12. Non-operational expenses

  • 13. The total amount of backlog

  • 14. Recurring revenue stream

  • 15. Total coverage area and population

  • 16. Worth of earnings and total income

  • 17. Competence & scalability of the finance function

  • 18. Completeness of liabilities of assets

  • 19. Recoverability of assets

  • 20. Normalized profile of cash flow and functioning capital

  • 21. The rationality of financial projections

Due Diligence Application

Our Application Contribute Valuable Insight With A Better Foundation For Decisions

We use Financial and Legal Due Diligence mainly for an investment strategy to acquire another business or assets or to open a branch office in Bangladesh.  

Financial and legal due diligence creates a foundation for negotiating the purchase asset price of the company with the aim of preventing unnecessary loss that the company might bear. It reflects the identifiable risks in the potential purchase price. 

Due diligence is also used for acquiring financing (a condition required by the financing partner) or fulfills an audit function (such as government bodies auditing the management of state budget-funded organizations). We at OutsourcingBD provides complete solutions for Financial and Legal Due Diligence needs.

Our Due Diligence Process Tailor To Meet Your Specific Needs & We Focus To Key Risk Areas

We mainly focus on the documents that our clients provide us regarding the requirements specified for the formation of the company in Bangladesh. For document management and storage we provide authorized online access. 

This exchange of information related to the company’s data is often highly confidential. We collect all the necessary information and papers and thoroughly analyze them to find potential risks. When we are done with the Financial and Legal Due Diligence analysis, we prepare a report and submit it to you.

Potential Risks If Not Exercising Due Diligence
Potential Risks If Not Exercising Due Diligence

Our Services Add Measurable Value To Your Buy- Or Sell-Side Needs

Not exercising financial and Legal Due diligence is a bad practice for a foreign company. It will pull you back from your projected expectations which you have set during your business incorporation. This can happen when the target company is unable to generate the expected profit for reasons such as misrepresentations of its results. 

Such a result may occur due to any transactions or increased costs due to penalties imposed by authorities for failure to comply with its law and duties. As a result, identifying the potential risks is the key to decision-making.

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on what is necessary, Financial and Legal Due Diligence can take many various shapes. The nature and magnitude of a possible transaction will determine the scope and degree of a due diligence study. Due diligence, on the other hand, frequently includes:

  1. Due diligence in terms of finances
  2. Due diligence in legal matters
  3. Due diligence in business
  4. Due diligence in IT/Cyber
  5. Due diligence in terms of taxes
  6. Due diligence on the environment

We can create representation solutions for all of your domestic and foreign companies and jurisdictions. We’re more than capable of handling all of your representation needs. Our industry-leading technology unifies all of your company’s compliance efforts into a single web-based workspace, making it simple for you to keep track of what’s going on—everywhere it’s going on.

Engagements can last anywhere from two days to several weeks, based on four main factors: 1) the sort of analysis, 2) the client’s needs, 3) the size of the technology firm’s assets, 4) the location of the judgment, and 5) the participants’ responsiveness.

Yes. We provide Technology Improvement Assistance to help clients put report recommendations into action. Working with management and staff to develop effective methods, trying to define position descriptions, conducting an interview and hiring management and staff, briefly filling executive or line management roles in the technology organization, helping in the merger of a technology group to achieve maximum quality, and creating a listed product or service plan are just a few of the services we provide.

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