Contractual Staffing Service in Bangladesh

At REIT Ltd, we have expertise in providing skilled professionals in the contractual staffing field, whether you need permanent staff or for contractual staffing, we have a wide range of databases of various candidates, where you can choose from and get top-tier contract staffing services that combine with experience and quality. We are specialized in providing contractual staff and services of the relevant discipline. Therefore, you can expect superior end-user service at the end of the day from us.

We are proud that our clients rely on us as we can offer quickly sourcing proven talent to their on-site projects, no matter wherever they are. Our innovative staffing solutions are sufficiently agile. Therefore, they can adapt to ever-changing commercial environments and yet can come out with talents needed for today’s competitive marketplace.


Varied Types of Contracts you can offer to our staffs

We offer a comprehensive suite of services regarding contractual  staffing services starting from recruiting qualified workers to handling payroll services, workers, compensation, and other administrative tasks and requirements. Our services specialized in every sector of Industrial, Commercial, Engineering, IT.etc, not only that our services extend to Offshore Staffing. As an employer, the employment responsibilities, tax compensation, and benefits you have for your contractual and permanent staff will depend on the type of contract you offer them and their employment status.

Types of contracts include:


Support Your Business with REIT LTD for Contractual Staffing

REIT LTD has a flexible workforce that has the right skills in need. The company acts exactly where permanent, temporary, interim, and contract staff come into action. Whether you are looking for employees in your project, or have to recruit contractors and temporary staff, we got the perfect commercial solutions for you.

Our Range of  Permanent, Temporary and Contractual Staff Services Include

  • Registered Nurses (hospitals)

  • Registered Nurses (community)

  • Health Care Assistants

  • Care Managers/Coordinators

  • Form F Assessors

  • Independent Social Workers

  • Social Care Support Workers (community-based)

  • Mental Health Workers

  • And more based on your requirements

  • Learning Disability Workers

  • Social Work Assistants (Children, and Adult Services)

  • Family Support Workers

  • Project Workers

  • Housing Support Workers

  • Residential Childcare Officers

  • Supervised Contact Officers

  • Social Work Managers and Reviewing Officers