A Certified & Valued HR( Human Resource Management) Services In Bangladesh

Looking for an HR( Human Resource Management) consulting firm for quality HR administrative and recruitment services in Dhaka, Bangladesh? We offer the best HR services to help you run your business smoothly and achieve greater success. We provide 360 degree solutions to all your HR services requirement from planning to execution to measurement.

Companies choose OutsaourcingBD as a third party service provider because we can offload your HR related tasks and function, so that your companies can concentrate on core business objectives . Moreover our bunch of qualify and skill HR professionals manages the reduction in employee turn over rate and a proven HR services program.  Our firm is delivering the best solutions to benefit all our clients to improve their business performance through the right work force.

Our HR outsourcing team not only helping business owners to grow their company profitability and productivity by allowing them to spend their time on core business tasks but also we are helping to care for all the hassles that are related to HR services functions.

Why outsource HR services to us?

Outsourcing BD is dedicated to extensive HR outsourcing services in Bangladesh to give all varieties of assistance & cooperation to the leading companies as well as to establish long-term business connections with the customer. Our expert team focuses on provide your company with the best possible HR services, here in Bangladesh. We specialize in many services such as refocus the energy on revenue generating tasks, save time and minimizes paperwork, provides you with reliable, professional compliance in areas like employment, labour and immigration law, and payroll, reduces work force turn over and helps to attract qualify employees

  • The combination of a dedicated team, extensive expertise, and industry specialization helps you to gain an unmatched customer experience for you and your employees.

  • Access to efficient HR services helps you to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Clients can obtain improved management information and secure employee database security.

  • Reduce the risk of employee turnover rate

Why outsource HR services to us

OuitsourcingBD For HR Outsourcing Ensures Quality Service

We can handle a diverse range of HR administrative activities. Moreover our company provides exclusive HR services support, especially for small, mid to large companies. Therefore we make sure to provide all the solutions which provide our clients efficiently and reliably. This helps them ease the management of their business and staff.
  • Powerful Candidate Tracking Tool

  • Keep track of all candidate activities

  • Collect multiple resumes by publishing job openings

  • Schedule calls, interviews, and set reminders

  • Compensation plan review and analysis

  • Employee incentive and retention services

  • Payroll processing and reporting

  • Payroll tax reporting

  • Get notified when there is a change in the Candidate status

Offshore & Onshore Hr Manpower Recruitment

Offshore & Onshore Manpower Recruitment

OutsourcingBD is the leading HR management outsourcing service provider firm of Bangladesh deliver the best solutions to benefit all our clients to improve their business performance through the right work force. Moreover, we can help you to hire and retain the best employee, manage your employees more successfully, and improve employee motivation. It is passionate about bridge the right work force with the right job in the Onshore and Offshore sectors. As a result, It saves our clients from the hassle of trial and error during the recruitment process. With an experienced and professional team in the domain of offshore HR outsourcing as well, we have positioned ourselves as a premium platform for individuals looking for opportunities. 

Our focus is identifying qualify candidates which enrich the potential work force pool for prospective employees. As experienced recruitment professionals, you can easily rely on our expertise to recruit the right individual and decrease the gap between the employer and the potential candidate.  So, to help you choose the best professional who will suit your business, OutsourcingBD is here for you.

Manpower Recruitment Process Ensures Equal Opportunities

Boost Accuracy, Cut Costs, & Reduce Docility Risks With Outsourcing BD. We provide quality Human resource management services across all industry sectors. 

Our HR outsourcing services allow you to spend more time concentrating on growing your business, and more concise time on human resource managementWe also incorporate a wide range of prominent organizations from different fields. 

Our team specializes in the field of HR services and recruitment service. Our procedure to the powerful and effective management of people in a company or business, helps the company obtain a competitive benefit. It is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer goals.

Human resources Process
Accurate payroll processing & HR training

Accurate Payroll Processing & HR Training

We are one of the top payroll service providers in Bangladesh. Keeping that reputation in mind, this company provides accurate payroll processing services for your organization. With our diverse range of services, you can enjoy faster and accurate payroll processing with timely delivery. 

Along with HR outsourcing service, we also manage payroll and final settlements, taxation advice & services. Our services also include provident fund and other forms of end user service benefit provision, and other payroll accounting services.

We provide efficient HR services through off-site, on-site, and web. Our services also include executive development, regulatory education, updates, leadership building training, and team build work shop.


When it comes to retain best employees, we don’t emphasis on overboard with the incentive. However we make sure worker earning and benefits are competitive. Our organization believe that having a strong, positive company culture is crucial to retain talented work force. Therefore, we make sure to have a healthy approach (in terms of policy and process) towards important issues such as mental health, well being and harassment.

Outsourcing BD has a highly knowledge able and experienced Human Resources Team. With over 17 years of combine HR experience, we have the depth knowledge to support our partner with management team and staffs as a resource. Therefore we have created HR departments in many corporation that are true strategic business partners.

Outsourcing BD HR Consulting service can be a cost effective resource to make sure you are enduring in compliance, keeping continuous communication with employees, management and executives and also give you the proficiency to carry out common practices that HR process and solutions. Most significantly it offers your organization consistency in these policy and procedures which diminishes your liability, increases culture/moral and overall communication within your organization. We let you the opportunity to free yourself and other staffs from the administrative burden of HR related tasks and also focus on their main responsibilities to support the organization the way they were intended to.

The cost varies according to the job opening and type of recruitment strategy required. Therefore, for contingent recruitment, payment is due on the new employees start date. Our Executive Search group functions on retainer basis.

Generally, too much time is wasted keeping paper files and spread sheet everything up to date, making calculations, or simply looking for the right document.

Therefore, Outsourcing BD offer HR software system. It is the right software solution for managers and HR work force with a range of staff management process, from holiday and also absence management to appraisals and disciplinary.

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