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Outplacement in Bangladesh: Generally includes, work VISAs, work permits for foreign entrepreneurs. This also gives the facility of bringing along the family too. Azuwa resources provide visa solutions at the Privates and Professional level.   We have been assisting foreign citizens for years who want to migrate to Bangladesh for professional purposes alone or with their families.

Reasons for migration may varie, such as: work, business, tourism, elective residence, family reunification, medical care, investments. We have been assisting entrepreneurs for years. Most of them want to start a new business in Bangaldesh. We assist all foreign investors who want to invest in Italy and enjoy all the tax benefits and taxes.

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The country is rated by the world as the Asian best country to live, work, and trade. Bangladesh is becoming the main business hub in Asia by 2021. It’s an all-time question, why there is a huge demand for Visa, work permit and employment passes.

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The country’s economic development is closely related with the Immigration and immigrant workers. The popularity of the nation for its copious economy is not the only reason. The country also provides some of the most demanded facilities

  • Wonderful life-style

  • Safe environment

  • Great city infrastructure

  • Plenty of entertainment options

  • Predictable political environment

The financial and economic policies structured for immigrants and settlers are very flexible in Bnagladesh. Here the economy sky-rocketed to a new heights in almost every day. Bangladesh has a minimal government regulation.  The country’s minimal rules and regulation helps the migrants to easily receive visa, work permit and employment opportunity.