Maintaining labor compliance is a tedious job. But you can’t ignore it as it’s regulated by the law. We offer labor compliance services in Bangladesh. REIT Ltd  has long years of work consistency experience and utilizes an organized, precise way to deal with all activities. Moreover our staff will assist you with exploring this profoundly managed industry to guarantee your frameworks, strategies, and practices consent to lawful and administrative necessities.

We are at the cutting edge of administrative updates and can help you with exploring the intricacies of these necessities. Therefore, we can uphold your work consistency needs identified with the state and government guidelines. During our time of involvement, we have built up an exhaustive assortment of work consisting of revealing layouts, following networks, and structures that we bring to each commitment. As a group of pioneers, we urge our customers to use programming to smooth out measures that bring about massive expense decreases and improved following and announcing capacities. Contact Us.

HR & Payroll Services in Bangladesh

Competitive Attribute of Labor Compliance Services 

Field Interviews and Site Audits:

We have a dedicated team for field interviews and site audits to maintain labor compliance at your organization. Get in touch for quality labor compliance services in Bangladesh.

Subcontractor Assistance:

We are experts in subcontractor management. We will set up a process for assisting you in managing subcontractors.

Apprenticeship Monitoring:

We monitor apprenticeship for getting you better results. Our apprenticeship monitoring service helps you gain optimum success from the apprenticeships.

Our Labor Compliance Services Ensure Complex Solutions

Review Support Services:

Labor Compliance Services

We review existing labor law compliance status and suggest improvements. Our comprehensive compliance audit ensures a clear understanding of your compliance.

Smart Support System Services:

Labor Compliance Services

We have developed a smart support system to help you instantly with labor compliance issues. This system distinguishes us from the crowd.