We need to representative and branch office know first if we are going to open a representative branch. A branch office is deliberated as a country office of a foreign entity. Usually branch office is also confined to started any business activity in Bangladesh and cannot have any income in Bangladesh. And liaison means office also known as representative office can have started only liaison activitiesas a channel of communication between head office abroad and parties in Bangladesh also it is not allowed to started any business activity in Bangladesh and cannot have any income in Bangladesh. So foreign investors who are intending to assume responsibility restricted supervisory, monitoring and marketing actions may open up a liaison or branch office in Bangladesh without registering a limited company under Bangladeshi laws. If how to open a liaison representative and branch office the procedure of getting permission from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority. Then all the procedures have to be followed:

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Top 5 Liaison & representative and branch office by the opening these services provided:

  • 1.Formation of a foreign liaison company in Bangladesh.

  • 2.Incorporation foreign company office in Bangladesh.

  • 3.Representative or agent office registration services.

  • 4.Setting up branch office & liaison office in Bangladesh.

  • 5.Setting up a foreign company for business in Bangladesh.

Key Facts About Branch Office in Bangladesh

  • 1.A branch office of foreign company can engage in commercial actions with previously approval of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority.

  • 2.A branch office has local source of income from the approved field of business activities.

Documents Required for Open a Liaison and Representative Branch Office approval

1.Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation of the parent company.

2.Name and nationality of the promoters of the main company.

3.Application in formal form signed by the authorized person for establishment of branch and liaison office – 4 copies.

4.Company’s board of director’s resolution pertaining opening of office in Bangladesh.

5.Details of demonstrator to be accomplished through the proposed branch and representative office in Bangladesh.

6.Audited Accounts of last financial year of the principal company.

7.Company’s board of director’s resolution regarding opening of office in Bangladesh.

8.Details of activities to be performed through the proposed branch and liaison office in Bangladesh.

Government Fees:

A fee of twenty-five thousand is necessary to be give through bank pay order and the original copy of the pay order has to be Presented to the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority.

FAQs For Liasion Office Bangladesh

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority must approve foreign insurance companies’ establishment of Liaison Offices in Bangladesh. The Department of Banking Operations and Development of the Reserve Bank of Bangladesh must approve the establishment of foreign banks’ Liaison Offices in Bangladesh as well.

A branch office may be set up with the permission of the Reserve Bank of Bangladesh. The Reserve Bank of Bangladesh scrutinizes the application by considering the track record of the applicant, existing trade relations with Bangladesh, the activities of the company proposing to set up office in Bangladesh, and the financial position of the company.

These activities may be performed by branch offices representing their parent / group companies in Bangladesh:
1. Goods exports and imports.
2. Expertise or consulting services.
3. The company carries out research in areas of interest to the parent company.
4. Establishing technical and financial collaborations between Bangladesh-based companies and their overseas parent company.
5. Representing the parent company in Bangladesh and acting as an agent for buying and selling.
6. Providing information technology and software development services in Bangladesh.
7. Supporting the products supplied by the parent companies.
8. A foreign airline or shipping company.
9. In general, the Branch Office should engage in the same activity as the parent company.

Project Offices in Bangladesh can open non-interest bearing Foreign Currency Accounts with AD Category – I banks provided that:
1. A Project Office has been established in Bangladesh, with the approval of the Reserve Bank and the concerned Project Sanctioning Authority.
2. A foreign currency payment provision is included in the contract that sanctioned the project.
3. Project Offices can open up to two Foreign Currency Accounts, usually one in USD and the other in home currency, 4. provided they are both maintained with the same AD category-I bank.
5. Debits to the account are permitted for payment of project related expenses, and credits are allowed for foreign currency receipts from the Project Sanctioning Authority and remittances from parent/group company abroad or international financing agencies.
6. It is the responsibility of the branch concerned of the AD to ensure that only the authorized debits and credits are permitted in the Foreign Currency Account. Further, all Accounts will be entirely scrutinized by the respective AD bank’s concurrent auditor.
7. As soon as the Project is completed, the Foreign Currency accounts have to be closed.

The following general conditions apply to liaison project offices of foreign entities in Bangladesh:
1. No one who is a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Hong Kong or Macau can establish in Bangladesh a Branch, a Liaison Office, a Project Office or any other type of business without prior permission from the Reserve Bank.

2. Companies established abroad are not allowed to establish Liaison /Project Offices in Bangladesh.

3. Liaison offices of foreign entities, except for branch/project offices, may acquire properties for their own use and for permissible/incidental business activities but may not lease or rent out these properties.

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