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There are times when you have no other option but to look for extra manpower recruitment for your work. Therefore it becomes hard to work on every detailed project of your company single-handedly. So you need to start recruiting human resources. But you have limited time and resources to recruit new members and also there is no guarantee that you will get the right fit. At this point relying on a reputed manpower recruitment company is the best choice. Apparently, when we are talking about reliable service providers, Outsourcing BD  is one of the most well established employee staffing agencies or recruiters and consultants providing top-notch HR solution services in Bangladesh to meet the exact specifications of our clients according to their requirements. Professionals of our company methodically check the requirements of our customers and accomplish facilities accordingly.

Our Manpower Recruitment Service Simplifies Your Expansion

Our main features include:


Outsourcing BD is one of the renowned service providers, offering our clients effective with exclusive manpower recruitment services. Our services are focus on exact demands to meet the exact specifications of our clients. Experts of our organization methodically analyze the needs of clients and offer services for Manpower Supply, Consultant, Contract Labor, and many more.

With our great ambiance and expertise in technical team support, we grasp the requirement of clients to offer tailor-made solutions with adherence to quality. We provide total manpower recruitment, dedicated manpower, training, and placement solutions through our refined process.  Our widespread database and network along with very professional methods of approaching and selecting the eligible candidates for a particular placement ensure our clients get skilled and experienced personnel for timely execution and quality-based service. We focus on deep background verification step by step before selecting any personnel which helps us to meet exact client satisfaction.



Our services are based not only in one field, but also spread in diverse fields to solve all your human resources complexities. We provide Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Labour services for both local and international clients. These labors of our organization have their own tools and methodology along with their experience through which they perform quality services for clients.

We make our Manpower Outsourcing Service


We provide solutions in manpower recruitment focused on business results. Our deep knowledge expertise on various organizations that represent a variety of features of industries and company according to sizes, so we customize our services to fit our client’s specific needs, however big or small. We provide services that recruit the required candidate according to various contacts which can be full-time or part-time.

Core Features

  • Services That Can be Customized
  • Services That Are Professional
  • Services That are Reliable and Provide Full support

International Recruiting

Our International Recruiting facilities can help you to reduce the cost of hiring by recruiting the most qualified international candidates. As we have a global network and process, so we can target the passive candidates to include them in the best pool of talent around the world. We handle all immigration facilities to bring in foreign workers in the most efficient and effective ways.

Key Differentiation Includes

For hiring, we never compromise quality whether we are recruiting national or international employees. For consultancy with clients, we are available 24/7 so that every recruiting details are delivered and no miscommunication remain

Professional Team Heads

Being client-oriented, we are always available for offering our clients effective solutions for hiring Team Leaders such as Managers and Department Heads.Our core focus is to deliver quality base facility to our customers and for which we form our service area in a very systematic ways and make sure our customers for professionally trained staffs.

Core Features

  • Professionally Trained and Well Groomed
  • Long Term Stable Personnel
  • Education Qualifications Duly Verified

Skilled & Unskilled Labor

Other than providing professional employees we also assist to recruit expert, semi-skilled, and inexpert personnel. We supply well-trained skilled workers which include carpenters, welders, staff nurses, construction workers, plumbers plaster workers, house painters, and electricians. We also supply professionally trained technical staff that can handle all your works.

Core Features

  • Well Trained
  • Detailed background verification
  • Specifications select according to client need

Outstanding Human Resource Consulting Service


We specialize in a Human Resource consulting service in Bangladesh which provides a two-way responsibility, by assisting their clients with skill man power, by excellent opportunity to the candidates who are applying through them. Our services include a complete suite of manpower recruitment services outsourcing, project based, and manpower recruitment solutions for diverse clients both regionally and globally in every sector such as Accounting, Engineering, Technology, Healthcare Staffing Sectors, Clerical Staffing, Consulting, Business, Startups, Finance, Innovation, etc.


We are the most advanced and approve manpower recruitment consultants in Bangladesh who take every step to assist you in focus on growth and profits for your organization. Our method of source the candidates is through our Human Resource team – on the field and off field procedures.


Our team publish sophisticate advertisements in leading newspapers, a wide range of job portals and social platform to searching the best talent through the wider network. In this way, it helps both the client and the candidate who is seeking a potential job that matches their skills.

FAQ For World-class Manpower Recruitment Service

Yes. As a Manpower associate we are dedicate to helping you success. While your company supervisor at the work site is your resource for daily professional questions, Outsourcing BD is your employer and is available to support you if you have any questions or concerns that are HR related. If applicants are hire for a permanent position through Outsourcing BD. We’ll support you for 90 days while you transition into your job with your new boss. Then, you should communicate with your direct supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Your Outsourcing BD representative will be aware of your status and will constantly work to place you on new assignments. Please let us know if there is any alteration in your availability. And keep in mind to update your profile to include your recent job experience and any new skills you’ve gained. Be assure to continue to seek out fresh opportunities by using the profession search tool at the top of the page.

As an Outsourcing BD associate, you can take benefit of our especial online training courses to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Our company offers permanent, temporary, contract and temporary to permanent employment opportunities for a wide range of expertise sets and also in a variety of business. If you are searching for more jobs in the field of IT, engineering, oil and gas, and also healthcare. You can contact us to know more details

Outsourcing BD offers a contract that is beneficial to both parties. However, it can be withdrawn at any point with a 30 day written notice. However, we ensure that you will be completely satisfy with the service that we provide. And that rather than terminating we will be involve in a long lasting partnership.

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