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Not Just Rooms, You Get Complete 5 Services

Rent Meeting Room, we don’t only provide meeting rooms; but offer complete meeting room services so you don’t need to worry about the ambiance of the meeting room, equipment, staff, meeting planning, and scheduling, etc. You get all these services just in one single place.

What type of conference room do you need for your program? Small, medium, or large? We have a wide variety of conference rooms in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rent meeting room and conference room are available in Uttara, Dhanmondi, Basundhara, Baridhara, and all other neighborhoods of Dhaka. Also, get in touch with us for rent meeting room and conference room at Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, or any other area of Bangladesh.

For most organizations whether it is big or small, meetings are the most critical part of the business and every business owner and their team spend a significant portion of the workweek in them so that the outcome of the meeting becomes productive. With businesses that are keen to make an excellent first impression, meeting room services are the key factor to impress visitors and clients.

They are also a method of helping to maintain good relationships and positively amongst employees and colleagues– by meeting and succeeding expectations to enhance the possibility of reaching the goal. But managing time and resources all together which is mostly spend on tasks like trying to schedule meetings, dealing with equipment problems, booking rooms, or scheduling last-minute catering turns out to be cumbersome for business.

We, at OutsourcingBD, help you to get relieved this stress and ensure that your meetings run smoother, maximize your space and reduce administration time with our fully-integrated rent meeting room solution.

Rent Meeting Room and conference Room

Modern Technologies to Optimize Meeting Room Facilites

When it comes to rent meeting room services, there is more than just booking meeting room space –technology set-up, catering services, and any other additional services which are also needed to be considered. Managing all these services through one single solution, such as outsourcing your rent meeting room support is the key to maintaining a smooth service. 

The most effective rent meeting room solution is one that is customizable, allowing you to add different catering menu options or technology requests. Remove the load of preparation for meetings. We have every solution to arrange your meeting in the most effective way. These are:

  • Book rooms, send invitations, and schedule meetings

  • Track confirmations

  • Schedule remotely with mobile booking

  • Latest technology, A/V equipment, and collaboration tools

  • Arrange or decorate rooms to be set before meeting

  • Request catering

  • Rent meeting rooms for emergency or last-minute basis

  • Book Conferance rooms for emergency or last-minute basis

Simplified Conference Room Management Services For you

Meeting room design is the most important component of workplace productivity. Scheduling or meeting presentation problems, double booking, and poor audio/visual quality can be an impact of a meeting’s success or failure. Our end-to-end Rent Meeting Room services include :











Our expertise designing for Rent Meeting Rooms provides flexibility, convenience, comfort and productivity at work. We give concentration to everything from room configuration to the A/V needs for any size room. Audio that is calibrated to be clear and audible even in crowded environments and video needs to be properly sized according to device size so that the content is viewable. A well-planned and well-executed conference room setup is very much important to make your business more productive.

Boost Business Productivity by Renting Our Meeting Room on Different Project Purpose

01. Flexible Plans

Rent meeting rooms are designed with special criteria to identify which conference room are mostly used and for what purpose. And then apply specific services or requests to each. For example, smaller meeting rooms in your office are only used for internal meetings between junior staff or for the casual pose, for them, they don’t need to have the entire catering menu or other meeting criteria to be available as a booking option. Again for formal meetings, bigger conference room are arranged. For different kinds of meetings, different rooms are set.

02. Serviced Office

Most of the time all Rent Meeting Rooms are offered the same technology. So that a common flavor remains in each conference room. But you need to consider how much tech each meeting room might need. For example, larger meeting rooms might require larger screens, and possibly more of them. With the help of surveying employees and paying concentration to which services are most regularly booked, appropriate selection. And allocation of services can be an effective shortcut to help you to utilize your space productively.

Customize Conference Room Facilities the way you need

As part of our solution, you can gain comprehensive real-time report of Rent Meeting Room usage that can be report hourly, daily, or even yearly. If some spaces are waste then you are able to make methodical choices about space utilization by understand how your conference room are being use.

We provide you with the necessary solutions that you need to adapt to changing usage patterns and create an agile work environment. With greater control over your meeting services, you can augment the value which can streamline your business operations.

Rent Meeting Room


Charges for a Rent Meeting Room can vary, but at the time of writing this could be anything from £100 a day to £400 a day or more than that. The greatest way to estimate the value would be to take into account the size of the meeting room you’re looking to hire. We offer different locations, and what extra services you may require

Of Course. In most cases you will be able to rent a meeting room by the hour. If not then we  would offer a half a day or full day option instead.

Normally our meeting rooms deal free internet access and wifi. Moreover we provide you with basic snacks like water, whiteboards and projection boards. Earlier you book any meeting room though us. You can definitely ask our facilities policies as some of our services may not include any extra in the hire price.

Yes. Our projector has S-Video, HDMI, RGC and DVI-I sockets but  you need to bring your own cable. Therefore most laptops work with our projector, we cannot promise compatibility. Moreover, if you want sound as well as video from your laptop you will also need to carry your own speakers.

Of course, we have different size meeting rooms. Therefore Charges and booking will depend on multiple factors like how big a venue you require is, the locality and any additional services you may require. If you are looking for  a small meeting room for four or five people should prove relatively easy on short notice. On the other hand, if you need a meeting room for 40 people or more with specific features. Then you should be looking to book with a good amount of notice to guarantee you get the correct meeting room.

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Focus on the agenda, our meeting room services will take care of the details.