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Are you planning for a merger and acquisition in Bangladesh? Want to consult with a professional service provider firm and complete the process smoothly? If the answer is yes, we have got you covered with our professional service. OutsourcingBD Resources is a professional merger and also acquisition services provider firm in Bangladesh. From the legal point of view, a merger  and acquisition is a legal consolidation of two entities into one entity. On the other hand, an acquisition occurs when one entity acquires ownership of another entity’s assets, stock or equity interests. Merger and acquisition in Bangladesh are referred to as transactions in which the tenure of companies are transferred or combined. If you think your company needs to expand, then a merger or acquisition is the best solution. When the resources of the two companies get reunited and signed through a merger and acquisition, there is a huge possibility for explosive growth which would have been impossible for a single entity to achieve. Our business merger and acquisition experts provide very useful services to anyone considering buying a business or selling a business. We can provide consultancy services including pricing and also business valuation issues, exit strategy, business financing, or any other subjects related to buying a business or selling a business.

Our World-Class 5 Merger And Acquisition Services

01. Problem

The process of merger and acquisition is very much complex which involves numerous legal, accounting, financial, managerial, and cultural variables which need to be considered when two companies join together. During this challenging process, you need a trustable partner to make things easier for you and your business.

02. Solution

We, at REIT Ltd Resources, guide your company through the strategies and techniques that are required to achieve a successful merger or acquisition. Our years of experience have taught us the keen business sense and also attention to detail.

We assist buyers with the following services during a merger and acquisition:

  • 1.Due Diligence or Management Assessment

  • 2. Projections and Financing

  • 3. Ensuring Company Investment Worth

  • 4. Position Seller Attractively

  • 5. Provide Financial Statements to Attract Potential Buyers

  • 6. Company Investment Services in Bangladesh

Enjoy Expertise In Diverse Areas Of Industries In Bangladesh

We are specialize in the overall management of merger and acquisition from initiation to completion through which we ensure that we are available throughout the deal process and remain close to our clients at all times. We have expertise in diverse sectors of business in Bangladesh :

Our focus is to guide you with the necessary steps to do a perfect deal with the perfect business partner

Selling A Business With Complete Advisory

If you want to sell your business then we can offer complete advisory and business brokerage services. Which are conduct in a strictly confidential manner. Your business is one of the most precious assets for you and we are overly concerned about your business so we try to deliver every solution that will help you to make a proper deal for your business.

merger and acquisition
merger and acquisition service

Take Right Decision Of Business For Sale

It is one of the hardest decisions to sell a business. We can provide you with the necessary information that will help you to make the correct decision. And also we can tell you about current market conditions, pricing, and structuring of the business so it will be ready for sale. We can do market research for you to know the latest trends that will help you to gain an audience.

Get Genuine Franchise For Sale With Us

We work with genuine franchisors who will provide all of the necessary information and also who have the interest to expand their business merger and acquisition in Bangladesh for the long term. We will serve you with the requisite information on franchises which will be an excellent way for you to communicate with them.

merger and acquisition benefits
merger and acquisition services

Buying A Business With Excellent Inventory

For anyone who considers the purchase of a business, we offer no charge consultations and also an excellent inventory of businesses for sale complete with all of the information a buyer would want to know. Our comprehensive guide will help you to focus on a strategy of the approach to merger and also acquisition to a new business.


The most common difficulties that rises in mergers or acquisitions is overpaying for corporations. We assist our client’s from this overpaying with proper guidance. Otherwise it may destroy company value.

Besides the struggle of determining a target’s core value, and, relatedly, the lack of using the finest and right approaches in valuation, our clients often overpay for the target. This happens because they overestimate the growth rate of the target under their proprietorship, and/or the value of the collaborations between the two firms.

The uncertainty causing from a merger or acquisition can escalate stress levels and also indicate risk to target company staffs. Mergers and acquisitions be apt to result in job losses for staffs in redundant areas in the joint company.

When your corporation is taken over your employ rights are protect under the Bangladesh Labor Law regulations. Your present employment terms and also conditions stay the same. Your new manager cannot force you to receive a lower salary or also other changes to your terms and conditions.

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