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BIN means business identification number. If anyone want to do any business in Bangladesh they must accept the electronic business identification number. In Bangladesh the only authority to provide the business identification number is national board of revenue. So to get business identification number only be applying either in electrically by national board of revenue. Outsorucing.Com.bd in these guideline shall detail the method as to how obtain the business identification number certificate Bangladesh also with the documents requisite. However, business identification number is must to sustain normal business operating including service rendering, participation in tender, manufacture withholding entities, export and import customsVAT and excise department regulate the VAT registration procedure of the national board of revenue.

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List of Document Needs to Obtain BIN Number in Bangladesh:

document need to obtain

Process Duration and Work Flow:

Estimated procedure time for issuance of business identification number is five hours’ official time limited with scheduled government fee at TK nil.

process duration and workflow

Outsource Monthly VAT Return Services:

1. Outsorucing.Com.bd has a spiffy and suitable team that can move forward in obtaining business identification number registration certificates proficiency. We can legal advisors help the through exhortation ask them to provide essential document to apply for business identification number registration certificate and depending on the type of establishment documents are collected for application.

2. Outsorucing.Com.bd of legal exhortation can equip and draft pertinent documents which are essential to obtain business identification number registration certificate.

3. Our legal exhortation has well working relationship with government office.

4. As the processes for obtaining trade obtaining business identification registration certificate for manufacturing and commercial business existence may differ a little bit outsourcing.Com.bd legal team can help the customer by filing a trade these registration certificate application in the appropriate office including with the right corroborative documents.

5. We also provide services of renovate the license if it exhortation by taking essential steps at the rights time.

Outsource Book-keeping, Payroll & VAT Return Filing:

we submitting online application with proper way by attaching required documents appropriately andpassing the assistant revenue officer field audit report regarding with VAT application. We Frequently Visiting VAT Office, Processing, Completing and Receiving e-BIN certificate, Printing and providing same to respected clients.Outsorucing.Com.bd are best the basic of taking about obtain business identification number registration certificate in Bangladesh and executives under and want to know how to proficient use it in their organization. We entity in the client’s business assist us blessing talent in these obtain business identification number registration certificate service as provider. The other part of outsourcing is this it only says where the can be committed outside better and inside we should do it. Outsorucing.Com.bd of manufacturing allows companies to reduce cost, cost goods and services, benefits cost provides you obtain businessidentification number registration certificate in Bangladesh. Outsorucing.Com.bd is to ensure our clients satisfaction and document back up and arrange all kinds of percussions for highest security for safety and protection of the document timely delivery and always value the commitment to the client.

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