End-to-End Company Formation & Business Registration

With OutsourcingBD, you don’t have to worry a bit regarding the company registration process. We offer completely automated offshore company setup services in Bangladesh. With the assistance of our incredibly successful customer success team, you may launch your business venture from anywhere in the world. We assist you with the company name, article of incorporation, board of directors, and owners’ equity. If you utilize our foreign company setup service, you can modify the company’s data or download your own. Once your new offshore business is operational, we will register it online and offer after-sales assistance. To put it in another way, we offer a thorough and affordable offshore company setup service.

Business Registration for Offshore Companies in Bangladesh.

01. Document Collection

  • Name clearance application for offshore company setup.

  • Gathering MOA, AOA, Form VI, Form VI, IX, X, XII, and related forms.

02. Banking Formalities

  • Register a bank account for transfering the foreign shareholdings.

  • Prepare and submit the following documents.

03. Application Submition

  • Registration application with payment of tax, fee, and stamp duty.

  • A certificate of incorporation will be issued from the RJSC.

04. Company Post-Registration

  • Obtaining a VAT Certificate and Tax Identification Number.

  • Getting a trade license under offshore company setup.

05. Branch Office Setup

  • Establishing branch offices in Bangladesh to conduct business.

  • Our client is capable of a wider range of operations and activities.

06. Capital Calculation

  • Offshore company setups demand a remittance of US$50,000.

  • This also includes representative offices and branches.

Consult On Our Additional Offshore Company Setup Services

One of the most suggested ways to launch a business if you’re interested in an offshore company setup in Bangladesh is to register a private limited company there. RJSC typically delivers the certificate of incorporation within 6 business days of the formalities being successfully completed.

1. Liaison Office Setup

For the purpose of serving as a communication link between the offshore company setup and Bangladeshi clients, foreign businesses may open Liaison Offices in Bangladesh for customer convenience.

2. Branch Office Setup

A branch office offers the advantages of simplicity of operation and straightforward closure, but it has fewer opportunities to offer an offshore company setup with the best structure.

3. Business Regulations

We assist with the multi-layered compliance filings and the upkeep of the necessary statutory records. Our professionals will assist you during the entire foreign company setup procedure.

4. Bank Account

If there is a foreign investment after receiving the Name Clearance certificate, the paid-up capital amount must be sent through the temporary bank account under the offshore company setup.

Our Exclusive Company Post-Registration Services

01. Trade License 

We must obtain an application form from the relevant authority in order to obtain a trade license (City Corporation; if registered in such areas). We will fill it up with the necessary information, then submit it to the authority with the other relevant paperwork and fees. After a set amount of time, we can go pick it up there.

02. Tax Identification Number

If you already have the necessary paperwork, obtaining a TIN certificate is simple. To complete the application for a TIN certificate, photocopies of the Trade License, Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA), and other relevant documents are needed. The TIN certificate Form is available on our website.

03. VAT Certificate

One of the most essential documents you require to conduct business in Bangladesh is a VAT certificate. A number of documents are required, such as a trade license, a deed of agreement, a TIN certificate, an import/export registration certificate, a list of sales outlets or centers, a BIDA registration, a bank solvency certificate, etc.

FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services

Essentials for a Starting Offshore Company

This method of opening an offshore bank account could run you between $550 and $750, not including the cost of forming the offshore corporation. Typically, an offshore business costs between $1585 and $3,495 per year. As a result, the total charges for both offshore accounts could range from $2135 to $4,245 in range.

An offshore company setup operates as a legal corporate organization that is permitted to do business, own assets, and carry out regular commercial operations outside of the country where it was incorporated.

  1. Asset protection
  2. legal protection obtained through the offshore company setup
  3. Tax planning.
  4. Simplicity.
  5. Low capital demands.
  6. Popular offshore sites.

Businesses who offshore, move internal jobs elsewhere. Both may result in financial savings for a business, but only offshore refers to the act of moving work elsewhere.

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