Best Offshore Outsourcing Service in Bangladesh: Aware To Your Business Needs

Our Offshore outsourcing is the proceeding of having work done for your business utilizing qualified staffing solutions from countries with lower labor costs. Our experience, expertise, skilled and service approaches assist us authorize as the leaders in the market. Our target towards 100% client satisfaction and endeavor hard towards ensuring it. We are now observed as a very trustworthy offshore outsourcing company because of the high quality of services provided by us to our clients.

Azuwa Resources is one of the best offshore outsourcing service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whether you offer products or services, we provide quality offshore outsourcing service to companies of all industries and sizes. If you want to minimize your hassles, outsource with us and grow your business faster in Bangladesh.

Looking to extend your business? Do you want to set up your offshore office in Bangladesh and start outsourcing your projects at affordable costs? You’re at the right place!

Our Offshore Outsourcing Services Included:

Manpower Recruitment:

There are times when you have no other option but to look for extra manpower for your work because it becomes hard to work on every detailed project of your company single-handedly. So you need to start recruiting human resources.

But you have limited time and resources to recruit new members and also there is no guarantee that you will get the right fit. At this point relying on a reputed manpower recruitment company is the best choice. And when we are talking about the reputed service providers, Azuwa Resources is one of the most reputed manpower recruiters, consultants, and manpower staffing agencies providing topnotch manpower services in Bangladesh to meet the exact specifications of our clients according to their requirements. Experts of our organization thoroughly investigate the needs of our clients and manage services accordingly.

Managed HR Solutions

Complete Offshore Outsourcing:

From recruitment to payroll and performance, we provides bespoke offshore outsourcing services with innovative methodologies and HR technology. We help you to build your own dedicated offshore team and get it running. Our HR specialists supervise your entire HR functions to achieve your business goals.

  • We recognize and recruit the best talent that suits your core requirements. Once onboard, we train them to expand their productivity.
  • We improve unique HR strategies related to compensation and advantages administration to enhance productivity. We also handle the legal procedures for you.
  • We take care of the whole gamut of HR activities including time and attendance management, payroll, tax administration, statutory compliance, benefit management, and much more.

Infrastructure Facility

We set up your office and manage it for you:

Whether you are a product-based company or a part of the service industry, we assures quality infrastructure without worrying about money. We helps you to setup your offshore delivery center in the most appropriate city in Bangladesh, depending on your budget and the nature of the project. As a most trustworthy offshore outsourcing company, we take care of everything from the scratch to support you in developing your business.

  • We set up your own offshore office and start managing with dedicated in-house team within a period of 30 days.
  • Obtain the best office infrastructure for your offshore office at a very low cost with high-end IT facilities and latest technological communication.
  • You can take total control of your overseas office and every process; we will handle your legal and administration work.

Special Benefits You Get From Our Offshore Outsourcing Services:

With our outsourcing services, you get the best offshore office in Bangladesh at much lower cost along with the top foreign team for your business. Experience stress-free offshore outsourcing services while we handle your foreign business by taking care of all the local rules and regulations, and compliance.

  • Lower investment on infrastructure and operational overheads.
  • Obtain a diversified pool of top-notch professionals at much lower costs.
  • Control your in-house offshore team without any stress and get high-performance with maximized revenues.
  • Get more time to focus on your core business functions like business development and marketing.

Why Should You Go With Our Offshore Outsourcing Services?

Companies should turn to offshore outsourcing for almost every business part. Whether they’re in want of customer service teams, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, graphic designers, IT consultants, and so on.

  • Minimized operation costs and maximized revenue.
  • Services submitted ahead of schedule.
  • Access to specific services which are not your focus functions.
  • More time to concentrate on core competencies.
  • Save on investing in software, technology & infrastructure.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Choosing the perfect location for your business is a crucial element to be considered. We are ready to help you to handle your offshore delivery by choosing the perfect city for your company, considering on your business needs. Being the trustworthy offshore outsourcing company in Bangladesh, we have take care of your offshore delivery center right from scratch.

  • Our premium offices, equipped with world-class substructure, are situated in main cities in Bangladesh.
  • Our open workspace offers a comfortable arrangement to increase your productivity. 
  • Our open offices are decorated with the best view with natural light, centralized AC, high-speed internet, etc.
  • We also offer unmatched security system with remote storage, firewalls, physical security etc.