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Outsourcing BD is a renowned payroll service provider that delivers premium onshore and offshore payroll outsourcing services in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a professional offshore Payroll outsourcing  service provider who will understand all your needs and work accordingly, then we are the right offshore payroll outsourcing service provider for you.

How We Work

Grow Your Business With World-Class Offshore Payroll Outsourcing Service

01. Services

We provide all types of necessary payroll and HR solutions. Our services value client demands. It executes adaptive solutions that suit your organizational needs. Our payroll services include payroll management, taxability, and also  other country-specific payroll issues. Hence we promise all payroll management solutions.

02. Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of the payroll sector. This will give you an upper hand advantage when processing your payroll without any sort of mistakes on time. We help you to boost up your business by ensuring accurate payroll services. This keeps you worry-free regarding compliance issues and the payment of employees.

03. Specialists

Our specialists take care of the complex payroll and HR processes in Bangladesh. By providing quality outsource services, we help minimize the risk of fines, reputational damage, or even legal hassles. Often issues occur due to non-compliant local HR functions. We provide expertise payroll outsourcing services solutions.

The 3 Important Benefits Of Our Offshore Payroll outsourcing  Services !


Our Professional Offshore Payroll Outsourcing Services

Professional, highly expert with offshore payroll outsourcing expertise expatriate employment will secure your local and global staff work professionally in Bangladesh while adhering to local laws.

Payroll Processing can be financial trouble for both startups and large enterprises. This tosses out complexities if not managed well in compliance with the local laws. Our Payroll outsourcing services in Bangladesh will serve as an alternative to your in-house payment services.

We are one of the most notable offshore payroll outsource service provider in Bangladesh which delivers business transmutation process in the payroll sector. The result outcome will provide you with a cost efficient, time convenient, and also compliance ready resolution for your business. 

Moreover, the methods of paying your staff will be simpler than before. Our service will also help to recognize employee rights, claims and monitoring employment related dead line. This will facilitate the timely payment and filing of the employer tax records. In brief, by partner with us.

Offshore Payroll Outsourcing

 Compliant Offshore Payroll Outsourcing With Unique Jurisdictions

Recently, a vast number of companies are operating on an international level.  Keeping those opportunities in line, thousands of employees are going abroad for work. In fact, the number of employees going abroad for occupational purposes is increase rapidly. Keeping this trend in mind, we have extended our supports for global client. Our outsource firm keeps in mind the aspects of the accuracy and also timely filing of your payroll taxes. We manage payroll support. It also assures foreign workers to work legally in Bangladesh while adhering to local government rules and regulation.

How Our Offshore Payroll Outsourcing Solutions Can Give You Best

Comprehensive Offshore Payroll Outsourcing Solutions In Bangladesh For Local And Global Clients

  • Paid Leave Program

  • Automated Attendance, Leave

  • Import/Export Solution

  • Web-based Leave Solution

  • Error-free documentation

  • reports

  • Multiple Worksites

  • Direct Deposit

  • Employee payslips

  • Earned Income Credit

  • Third-Party Checks

  • Payroll Check Reconciliation

  • Vacation & Sick Time Accruals

  • New Hire Reporting

  • Issuing of Checks & Reporting

  • Payroll Preparation

  • E-Verify

  • Customized Reports

  • Payroll hours and earning each pay period

  • Tax filing

  • Automated Check Stuffing

  • Pre-employment Background Checks

  • Payroll Delivery

  • Multiple Payroll Input Options

  • Comprehensive Payroll Deductions

FAQ For Offshore Payroll Outsourcing

Indeed. It isn’t just pretty much all the time it needs to do the finance, yet when it is expected to be finished. As of now any remaining activities come in just short of the win. Your employees could be chip away at taking care of a client concern or growing new business

If you contrast us with ADP (Automatic Data Processing) our administrations are often 30 to 40% less. Our expenses include assessment administration and standard transport, while some different organizations charge extra costs for their duty. Therefore, we believe that you will observe our administration to be uncommon.

The two most common approache are for customers to either pay their employees directly, or pay their employees indirectly via Outsourcing BD. If a client wishes to pay their workers directly, we will calculate the client payroll and generate a bank file for the customer to upload and implement payment. If a client wishes to pay their staffs indirectly, the customer can arrange compensation of the salary to us and also we will complete payment to the customer staff. There are also numerous substitute in between these options which we are happy to work through during execution.

Our standard payroll charge will be measure by head count, complexity, extraordinary supplies, and also service scope compulsory. We arrange three tiers of service: Compliance, Assurance and also Wide-ranging HR.

OutsourcingBD is the leading HR management outsourcing service provider firm of Bangladesh deliver the best solutions to benefit all our clients to improve their business performance through the right work force.

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