Offshore Staffing & Remote Recruiting Service in Bangladesh

If you are looking for an offshore staffing service in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we have got you covered. We provide offshore staffing services to various companies. As a top-grade service provider company, we offer complete solutions to all your offshore staffing requirements.

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Process involved in Staffing Placement

We do a detailed screening and filtering of all job application received.

Then choose the candidates that are perfect for the job. We perform a serious of techniques to do preliminary selection and then make a list of potential candidates to present them for a given position. This will allow you to keep yourself free from the hassle of selecting and recruiting the right candidate that matches every description of job details.

Workforce Planning

Offshore staffing balances your workforce with the requirements.

Offshore staffing priorities of your organization in a manner that anticipates the future needs or risks of the organization. Compensation facilitates your workforce with the needs and priorities of your business in a manner that foresee the future needs or risks of the organization.

Offshore staffing Techniques

We follow organized steps of recruitment services to choose the right candidate -
  1. Understanding job specification according to the duties and responsibilities defined
  2. Match profiles according to job requirements and qualifications & CV Sifting/Response Handling
  3. Screening of potential applicants & Conduct initial interviews
  4. Submit shortlisted candidatea profiles & Schedule client’s interview with applicants

Client’s Benefits

Offshore staffing can save client from various hassles regarding recruiting and screening candidates -
  1. flexible staffing
  2. no advertising costs
  3. recruiting costs
  4. increased productivity
  5. time saving
  6. space saving & cost saving

Offshore Solutions For Diverse Range of Contracts

Azuwa Resource’s offshore recruiting service solves your company’s staff deficiency. We are specialized in every aspect of Industrial, Commercial, and in every other sector of business. We offer staffing services that will be managed and employed by us but will be reporting to you. You are well controller of your offshore employees. We offer a comprehensive suite of services from recruiting qualified individuals from handling payroll, employee’s compensation, and other benefits.

As you will be the sole controller of your staff, so the tax and employment responsibilities you have for your employee will depend on the type of contract you have provided and according to the employment status.

Contract type includes employees of different professional status which are mostly:

  • Full Time,Part-time or Fixed term Contracts

  • Agency staff

  • Freelancers,contractors and consultants

  • Internship or zero hour contractual employee

Empowering Offshore Recruitment Services

Our firm has wide network that facilitates strategic search to lineup potential candidates for businesses. With our experienced team, we have already provided many organizations with candidates who offer satisfactory services in industry. That is in mind, once you are our partner, we can provide you with best offshore staffing solutions. As a dedicated recruiting agent, we make sure our candidates are perfectly fit for your business.


Offshore Staffing Services That Values Client

We can deliver affordable HR services with a vision to provide not only professional but with effective communication skills. Azuwa resources assist  to tackle and solve complex business problems. Our 24/7 service of professional offshore staffing is dedicated to provide quality solutions at the quickest possible time.

Professional Offshore Labor Supply Solution

We have tailored our offshore staffing services to meet client’s needs. This push us to deliver best overseas labor outsourcing service for our local and foreign clients. What makes us different from others is our team dedication and strive for better performance. We offer every solution to the foreign investors who wants to do business in Bangladesh. Our team can help clients providing efficient workmanship. This benefits them to advance their operational and economical performance.