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We Offer Hassle-Free Bank Account Opening Service

Need a bank account for your business? We offer hassle-free bank account opening services in Bangladesh. 

A bank account in Bangladesh is mandatory when starting an international business. A bank account can also relieve them from the hassle of frequent foreign currency exchanges. 

However, opening a bank account is a difficult task. As Azuwa Resources have a diverse range of clients including foreign and local nationals our efforts guide us to an approach for making the procedure easier and less time-consuming for our clients.

Opening A Bank Account

There are some fixed guidelines for foreign investors on opening a bank account for operating their businesses in Bangladesh

How We Work

In order to provide our foreign clients with the best bank assistance in Bangladesh, our financial wing always remains dedicated to the matter very seriously. Starting from company incorporation to bank account opening, our specialized firm deals with every corporate aspect. Azuwa Resources provides full support to foreign nationals and foreign companies to open an account on behalf of its clients. 

Azuwa Resources maintains a fantastic connection and long-term relationships with top banks in Bangladesh; due to this year of experience and professionalism, we have made the process of opening a bank account for foreign entrepreneurs in Bangladesh as simple as water.

We have skilled and trained consulting professionals who are working relentlessly to make each registration process easier for foreign investors in Bangladesh. It is compulsory for a company to open a bank account which is either a Representative/Branch/Liaison company or a Foreign headquarters company. 

An investor must open an account in any governmentally approved bank in Bangladesh To streamline business operations further.

Documents Required For Foreign Investors to open a Bank Account

The following documents are required to be submitted by the Company for opening a bank account:

  • Copies of passport of the shareholders

  • Incorporation certificate of the company and Articles of the Company.

  • Any other documents required by the bank

  • Initial deposit to open the bank account