Operational Risk Management Service in Bangladesh: Insuring Against Risk

We are a team of operational risk management (ORM) experts. As the leader in the industry, we provide top-grade operational risk management service in Bangladesh. From background verification to risk data management or regulatory risk to model risk management; we cover all types of ORM services.

A Bit About Our Operational Risk management services:

Operational risk occasions can have colossal misfortunes in Business. Monetary danger may incorporate credit hazard (the probability that borrowers will repay their advances), market hazard (the likelihood that security will change in worth), and liquidity hazard (the capacity of a bank to meet its commitments to its investors and counter parties).

The expression “operational risk” is the possibility of misfortune coming about because of deficient or bombed methodology, frameworks, or strategies in the business. Operational danger the board administrations, then again, act the hero to dispose of the referenced inefficiencies and disappointments in business measures.

Operational risk the executives administrations follow up on:

  • Employee errors

  • Systems failures

  • Fraud or other criminal activities

  • Any event that disrupts business processes

IT operations are sometimes unexpectedly affected by major audit regulations – is your IT team well prepared?  The operational risk includes company continuity crisis, process errors, operations risk, financial mismanagement, people-related risks, health and safety hazards, and information technology risks.

Under the REIT Ltd Team, operational risk can be broken down into seven areas: internal fraud external fraud, employment practices and workplace safety, client’s products and business practice, damage to physical assets, business disruption and systems failures, process mismanagement. Outside of the Basel Accords, other areas of corporate risks are legal, reputation, and market risks.

ORM Services We Offer

  • Our corporate operational risk management frameworks include multiple layers of solutions to deal with wide-spectrum scenarios. The services include:
  • Loss of data capture

  • Loss of data modeling

  • Issue and action planning

  • Risk control self-assessment (RCSA)

  • Key risk indicators (KRI)

How Our Operational Risk Manage Help?

Our risk and financial Advisory sector’s regulatory and operational risk professionals use proprietary tools, predictive technologies, and accelerators to help clients more proactively manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance. Explore our primary service offerings below:

  • Background Verification

  • Business Operations

  • Enterprise Compliance

  • Financial Markets

  • Model Risk Management

  • Risk Data Management

  • Regulatory, Risk, and Capital

In recent years our practice has expanded to include processes and systems designed to support the day-to-day operations of DSM, renewable energy, and rate initiatives.

our operational risk manage help

A comprehensive approach to mitigating operational risk management (ORM)

  • Implement ORM across all business areas and integrate it into the bank’s overall ERM structure.

  • Define clearly ORM roles throughout the bank and fill them with the right talent.

  • ORM regularly validates their approach and recalibrate metrics and incentives when necessary.

So, REIT Ltd Resources works for rolling out an enterprise-wide program with strategy and training.