Third-Party Ownership Verification Service in Bangladesh

Verification must be done before importing deliverable industrial manufacturing equipment resources from all around the world. Azuwa Resources appraisals provide third-party Ownership Verification Services that process systems and equipment survey and verification process. Our tasks follow international specifications and comply with the project and regulatory requirements. We provide design reviews and surveys, technical support, any relevant certificates, and reports. Our service also focuses on accuracy, competence, and cost-effectiveness.

Our worldwide network of technical resources provides efficient services. The project-specific requirements or performance standards require to be verified at vendor’s sites. We also offer vendor coordination so that equipment can be properly certified at multiple locations before it is shipped out.  Our independent verification focuses on the risk-based methodologies as per our service specifications. This results in a project-specific verification plan and can include procedures, personnel, equipment, and products.

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Verification of processes for export and import service

Third-party Ownership Verification Services from Azuwa Resources offers clients complete assurance that they need throughout the trading process. For exporting or importing your products in Bangladesh, we deliver the best third-party ownership verification Services in town. Such a solution assures assistance in exporting or importing their goods worldwide ensuring products meet government and safety standards. Our years of experience guarantee the highest quality assurance of your deliverable product according to your customer’s expectation. This eventually helps you to create a positive brand value by shortening the shipment time. We As a third-party independent inspection company, perform a variety of on-site inspections with the minimum of disruption. We provide services that can meet international trade standards which include:

  • Automotive inspections

  • Verification of international/domestic standards

  • Labeling verification & certification

  • Verification of origin

  • Q& Q (Visual Quality and Quantity Inspections)

  • Damage & loss control

  • Verification of packing, product marks, etc

  • Verification of products for donor organizations

  • HS customs coding verification

Verification Services That Ensure 100% Productivity

Verification Checks are done step-wise so our client gets the best service

We keep our client’s trust by conducting detail independent checks step by step. Our main features that ensure the best quality verification service is:

  • compliance with client’s requirements and technical specification

  • conformity and completeness of deliverables

  • maintenance of internal discipline during project completion

  • conformity the execution according to the approved design

  • expected costs

  • checking of the timing of execution properly met

Expertise in Diverse Sectors

We have the expertise and technical capabilities for all infrastructure projects such as :
  • Roads and railways

  • Ports and airports

  • Hospitals and Manufacture Company

  • Oil and Gas

  • Energy and Garments

  • Commercial and residential buildings

  • Environmental work

  • Plant buildings (water and waste treatment plant).

  • Well control equipment

  • Process plant equipment

  • Line pipes and bends

  • Pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping, and accessories.

Products we cover

Our verification checks undergo several processes to meet all the requirements for both local and international clients.

  • Offshore containers

  • Hazardous area equipment

  • Lifting appliances

  • Well control equipment

  • Process plant equipment

  • Line pipes and bends

  • Pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping, and accessories.