Patent (IP) Filing to Grant & Trademark Registration

Patents registration should be done in the patent office. This is because products or services deserve full protection: national, regional (EPO), or international (PCT). An applicant can conduct this by completing an application form and attaching a full description of the invention. This should describe the invention precisely so that it provides new technical information.

This is done so that the third person can understand with a general knowledge of the subject described. Azuwa Resources fulfills all the procedures needed for Patent Registration. According to the Patents and Designs Act, 1911,  any Bangladeshi or foreign entrepreneurs can register for a patent application.

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Specifications for Patent Registration

An application should contain a complete specification or provisional specification. A conditional specification should describe the nature of the invention. A complete specification should notably describe and ascertain the nature of the invention.

A specification should begin with the title, and in the case of a complete specification description, this should end with a definite statement of the invention. If the applicant doesn’t leave complete specification along with his application, s/he might leave it at any subsequent time within nine months from the date of the application

The Registrar might need that appropriate drawings/model or sample of anything that illustrates the invention which shall be provided and such drawings/models or samples shall be a part of the whole specification.

Our Areas of Services Include

  • Commercialization of IP, including strategic advice
  • Copyright law
  • Database rights
  • Domain name disputes
  • False advertising
  • Freedom to operate
  • IP audits and due diligence
  • IP litigation
  • License, supply, distribution, and related commercial agreements
  • Ownership issues
  • Packaging and labeling strategies
  • Patents
  • Portfolio management
  • Technology transfer
  • Trade secrets
  • Trademarks, designs, and branding

Patent Registration Process

Our cost-effective but high-value professional Patent Registration service helps to secure intellectual property to start a new business for both local and foreign clients. We assist in the legal registration of brands, slogans, logos, trademarks, patents, design, and copyright.

We Help to Register Patent Smoothly

We Understand the Nature of Patent:

As we are patent experts, we better understand the nature of the patent. And, therefore, we can apply accordingly.

Insights of Documentation:

Documentation is a crucial part of the patent registration process. We have insightful knowledge of documentation.

Good Relations With Requisite Offices:

We have good relations with the authority offices, which keeps us ahead while applying for a patent for your business.